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Agricultural Science Popularization

Because of the harsh environment in which microtillers work, maintenance is especially important.
What are the uses of agricultural drones? mainly reflected in the following six aspects.
With the improvement of agricultural automation, the use of agricultural spraying drones in large-scale farms has increased year by year in recent years. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of agricultural spraying drones?
When using the tiller, when a fault occurs, it is necessary to turn off the engine and stop for inspection. The following are common faults and repair methods:
The maintenance of the tractor should focus on the usual "maintenance", not the "repair" after a problem occurs. Implement the tenet of "prevention is more important than cure, maintenance is more important than repair"!
In order to better operate and use the tiller safely and eliminate potential safety hazards, please follow the following precautions for the operators of the tiller.
There are obvious differences between 4WD tractors and 2WD tractors in terms of fuel consumption, horsepower output, farming fields, and prices.
The walking tractor is suitable for solving paddy fields and dry land, as well as developing orchards, vegetable gardens, vegetable gardens and cultivated fields in hilly urban areas.
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