Types of Trenchers


Chain trencher.

The chain trencher is mainly composed of a transmission pulley, a transmission shaft, a transmission gearbox, a cutter shaft and a frame. After the diesel engine transmits the rotation to the clutch through the belt, it drives the travel gearbox, transmission shaft, rear axle, etc. to realize the forward or backward linear motion of the chain trencher. The trencher is mainly used in conjunction with the tractor, and is powered by the tractor to realize trenching. The chain trencher has a wide range of applications. It can be used to dig narrow and deep underground trenches in construction projects to bury underground drainage pipes, or to bury cables and pipelines in railways, post and telecommunications, urban construction and other departments, and can also be used in orchards and vegetable gardens. And other farmland environment ditch fertilization, drainage, irrigation.

Disc trencher.

The main working parts of this kind of ditching machine are one or two high-speed rotating discs, surrounded by milling cutters, and the milled soil can be evenly thrown to one or both sides according to different agronomic requirements. On the ground within the range of ~15m, the soil can also be stacked in strips on the edge of the ditch to form a soil ridge. The two discs form an angle of 45° with the horizontal plane, so the section of the ditch is an inverted trapezoid with a wide upper mouth and a narrow bottom. Excavated trenches.

This machine is a farmland construction machine that uses the rotating milling and polishing disc as the main working part to build irrigation and drainage ditches. Main features It can excavate small-scale projects such as asphalt roadsides, village trench cables, or heaven and earth.

According to the structural type, the disc trenching machine is divided into two types: double disc type and single disc type. The double-disc rotary trencher has two symmetrically configured milling and polishing discs on the left and right. During operation, the two discs simultaneously mill and throw the soil on both sides of the ditch. The single-disc rotary trencher has only one milling and throwing disc, which is used to mill the soil on one side of the ditch, and a straight cutting soil knife is installed on the other side inclined to cut out the ditch wall; the cut soil falls to the milling and throwing disc On the top, the soil cut by the milling and throwing disc is thrown out of the ditch together. Its structure is simpler than that of the double disc type, but the traction resistance is greater.

According to the way of operation, it can be divided into two types: low-speed one-time ditching and high-speed multiple-ditching. The forward speed of the unit during operation is 50-200 m/h when ditching once, and 200-400 m/h when ditching multiple times. For the rotary ditching machine that has formed multiple ditches, the wheelbase or track center distance of the supporting tractor must be properly matched with the ditch width in order to work smoothly.

The traction power required by the rotary trencher is very small, and the thrown soil can be evenly spread on both sides of the ditch without trimming. However, the structure of the machine is more complicated, and the productivity is lower than that of the conventional trencher, and the energy consumption per unit of earthwork is relatively large. Milling and throwing 1 cubic meter of soil requires about 0.15-0.45 kW/h. The tractor matched with the rotary trencher needs to have an ultra-low gear.

Spiral trencher.

The utility model relates to a spiral ditching machine, in particular to a ditching machine used for digging box ditches and surrounding ditches for farmland drainage. It solves the known problem of farmland drainage and ditching by using a rotary cultivator with a sharp knife to dig the ditch. The main shaft of the ditching machine is fixed in the casing through a bearing. The bevel gear is connected with the driven shaft, the lower end of the driven shaft is fixed with a propeller, and the mud tile bracket on the side of the propeller is fixed with mud tiles. The utility model can not only dig box ditches, but also dig trenches. The ditching machine replaces manual ditching, so the work efficiency is greatly improved, and the labor productivity is completely liberated. The depth of the ditch can be adjusted, thus ensuring the accuracy of ditching quality.

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