Introduction to ridger


The ridging machine is mainly suitable for field ridging operations of potatoes, beans, and vegetables after plowing. Ridging refers to the construction of narrow soil ridges above the ground in the field. The ridging machine has the characteristics of easy adjustment of ridge distance, ridge height, number of ridge rows, and angle, wide supporting range, and strong adaptability.

The ridging machine is mainly composed of an intermediate transmission gearbox, a suspension device, a frame, a hood assembly, a ridging cutter roller, and a ridging cutter assembly. A ridger is an implement driven by the output shaft of a tractor. After the tractor is connected with the ridger, the power of the tractor is transmitted to the small bevel gear shaft of the intermediate transmission box assembly through the transmission output shaft and the universal joint assembly, and is decelerated and changed direction through a pair of small bevel gears. The cutter rotates with the cutter shaft and cuts the soil from the ground from top to bottom. As the tractor moves forward, the rotating blade continuously cuts into the uncultivated soil, and the cut soil is thrown backward and collides with the casing and the pallet, further Broken and fell to the ground. Since the ridging knife is fan-shaped, the chopped soil is ridged in the middle to form a furrow at last.

Ridge operation has many functions such as increasing temperature, water retention, fertilizer retention, improving soil physical and chemical properties; improving soil fertility, inhibiting weed growth, and reducing diseases.


1. Be sure to check the bolts, nuts and adjust all parts before work.

2. The depth of the spring teeth should be adjusted in a non-loaded state at the level of the frame, and the depth should be about 6 cm lower than the lowest point of the hood.

3. The adjustment bolts at the rear of the frame can be used for daily adjustment of the ridging height. When adjusting, the hood needs to be turned slightly backwards. Larger height adjustments can be realized through the hood adjustment lever.

4. The following maintenance needs to be done every 40 hours of work: ①Check the tire pressure and keep the tire pressure at 1.50-1.75bar. ② Check the tire fixing condition and lubricate the bearing. ③ Check whether the bolts and nuts are loose, and tighten them if they are loose.

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