Seedling Transplanter


The Seedling Transplanter is a sowing type of agricultural product, also known as a Manual Seeding Planter, which is used to transplant seedlings from seedling trays or seedbeds to fields or other growth environments.

The rice seedling transplanting machine usually consists of a transplanting device and a mobile chassis. The transplanting device is usually equipped with seedling grabbers, conveyor belts and planting molds. The operator pushes the machine to where it needs to be transplanted and places the shoots on the grippers. The conveyor belt will transfer the seedlings to the planting mold, and then the mold will insert the seedlings into the soil and complete the transplanting process.

Vegetable Seedling Transplanter Features: The transplanter is specially used for the planting of vegetable plug seedlings. It can also sow large seeds hole by hole and fertilize hole by hole. Weir" and other five-step rhythms, all five procedures are combined, and the colonization and planting are completed in two seconds, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of seedlings. It avoids the traditional problems such as bending over and tiring, slow speed, difficulty in planting seedlings, difficulty in repaying human favors, and high cost of hiring and planting. At the same time, it has completed the perfect combination of "high strength", "high speed" and "high efficiency". The planting efficiency is greatly improved, saving time, effort and money.

Seedling Transplanter Advantages:

a. The material is not easy to rust, strong and durable, which greatly improves the service life and beautiful appearance.

b. The entire seedling planter is more than 1.2 kg, light in weight, easy to use and low in cost.

c. The head adopts a three-opening spire mode, which can plan holes quickly and bury them firmly, which greatly improves the planting speed.

d. The height of 90cm is in line with the reasonable height of human body work. During the planting process, the vegetable grower can complete the planting action without bending over, saving time and effort; the labor intensity is low, no bending over, no digging, and the roots are automatically buried.

e. The combined operation of "planing holes, burying holes, breaking plastic film, digging out seedlings, and cofferdams" has high work efficiency and saves time and effort.

Scope of application of Seedling Transplanter: Transplanting of flue-cured tobacco, watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe, pepper, tomato, pumpkin, wax gourd, gourd, loofah, Chinese medicinal materials, flower seedlings, etc. With high efficiency, it is a good helper for melon farmers, vegetable farmers and tobacco farmers to make a fortune.

Detailed explanation of how to use Vegetable Seedling Transplanter:

a. Loosen the handle and insert the product into the soil on the furrow surface covered with plastic film or not covered with plastic film;

b. Put the seedlings into the tube at the same time;

c. Hold the handle and lift the bobbin to plant a seedling;

d. Repeat the above steps to plant the next tree according to the predetermined plant spacing;

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