Working principle, operation process and maintenance plan of agricultural ditching machine

author: manhope
The agricultural ditching machine is a commonly used agricultural machine, which is used for ditching, pipe laying, drainage and other operations in farmland. The following is the working principle, operation process and maintenance plan of the agricultural trencher.

Working principle of agricultural ditching machine

The working principle of the agricultural ditching machine is mainly to send hydraulic oil to the hydraulic motor through the engine-driven hydraulic pump to make it rotate, and transmit the rotating force to the cutter head through the transmission system to make it rotate, cut the soil, and form a ditch.

Operation process of agricultural ditching machine

1. Adjust the depth and width of the trencher, and select the appropriate working depth and width according to the actual situation.

2. Start the engine and let it reach the normal running state, and at the same time adjust the control lever of the hydraulic system to an appropriate position.

3. When starting to work, put the cutter head of the ditching machine on the ground, move it along the direction of ditching, and let the cutter head rotate along the ground to form a ditch.

4. During the working process, pay attention to the working status and oil temperature of the machine at all times to avoid malfunctions.

5. After the work is over, stop the engine, clean up the residue of the machine, and check and maintain the machine.
Maintenance plan for agricultural ditching machines

1. Regularly check and replace the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil of the machine to maintain the cleanliness of the oil.

2. Regularly clean the filter screen and radiator of the machine to maintain the heat dissipation performance.

3. Regularly check the cutter head and transmission part of the machine to ensure that they are running well.

4. Regularly check and adjust the working depth and width of the machine to ensure its working efficiency and quality.

5. Regularly check the tires and bearings of the machine to keep them running normally.

6. During winter shutdown, the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system and water tank should be drained to prevent the oil from solidifying and corroding the machine.

7. When storing the machine for a long time, store it in a dry and ventilated place, and carry out regular inspection and maintenance to prevent the machine from rusting and being damaged.