What is a Single-rotor UAV?


What is a Single-rotor Drone?

Single-rotor UAV is an aircraft that uses a single large rotor to generate lift and thrust for vertical take-off and landing and flight capabilities. Unlike multi-rotor UAVs, mono-rotor UAVs usually have only one rotor, rather than multiple rotors.

The rotor of a single-rotor UAV is usually located on the top of the UAV, which generates lift and thrust through rotation. In order to maintain stable flight, single-rotor drones are usually equipped with a tail rotor or counter-rotating rotor to counteract the torque generated by the rotor. These aids balance the drone's rotational moments by creating opposing thrusts or directions of rotation, keeping it in smooth flight.

Single-rotor drones usually have a larger wing area and higher maneuverability, which can achieve longer endurance and longer flight distances. They are commonly used in professional applications such as aerial photography, aerial mapping, agricultural plant protection and scientific research. Due to the complexity of single-rotor UAVs and the high requirements for control skills, their popularity in the civilian and consumer markets is relatively low compared to multi-rotor UAVs.

It is important to note that there are some differences between a single-rotor drone and a helicopter. Single-rotor drones are usually controlled by an automated flight control system, while helicopters require a pilot to operate. In addition, the design and structure of single-rotor drones are also different from traditional helicopters.

Advantages and disadvantages of single-rotor plant protection drones:

a. The capacity of the medicine box is large; the single-rotor plant protection UAV is more like our common helicopter, which means that there are only one pair of propellers, and the propellers are very large, the power is relatively sufficient, and the capacity of the medicine box is very large.

b. The flight is stable; the single-rotor plant protection UAV only has a heavy rotor. The parallelism of the UAV flight is very good, and the power of the rotor is large, and it will not be easily affected by the wind, so the flight is relatively stable.

c. High operating efficiency; large-scale single-propeller plant protection drones require a relatively large amount of refueling, relatively long battery life, and less time for changing dressings midway, all of which work more efficiently than multi-rotor plant protection drones.

d. The downward pressure wind has a large air field, which is suitable for spraying pesticides on dense fruit trees.

The advantages of single-rotor plant protection drones are obvious, but the disadvantages are also very obvious

a. The requirements for pilot operation are very high; although the single-rotor plant protection drone can also use the automatic flight control, its structure is relatively complicated. When the drone encounters a fault, it needs a skilled pilot to operate it; It also requires specialized personnel to repair the fryer;

b. High maintenance and repair costs; a single-rotor aircraft needs to be composed of multiple mechanical connection parts, which will cause wear and tear on the aircraft parts during the flight, and the long-term operation of the aircraft will cause great damage to the mechanical connection parts, and the parts must be replaced frequently, resulting in a single-rotor Drones are expensive to maintain.

c. Great damage to crops; the propeller of the single-rotor plant protection drone is very large, resulting in a strong wind force under the drone, which will damage the plants, especially for plants with shallow roots.

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