What is a multi-rotor drones?


What is a multi-rotor drones?

A multi-rotor UAV refers to a UAV that is heavier than air. It uses multiple rotors to generate lift and thrust to achieve vertical take-off and landing and hovering capabilities. Each rotor is powered by an electric motor with a pair of counter-rotating propellers. By adjusting the rotational speed and thrust of each rotor, the drone can perform various flight maneuvers, including forward flight, backward flight, hovering, ascending, descending, turning, etc.

Multi-rotor UAVs usually adopt the design of four-rotor or six-rotor. Quadrotor drones have a simple structure and high maneuverability, while hexacopter drones are more stable and can carry more loads. In addition to four-rotor and six-rotor, there are other configurations of multi-rotor drones, such as eight-rotor and ten-rotor.

Multi-rotor drones usually consist of flight control systems, electric motors, propellers, batteries, sensors, and communication equipment. The flight control system is responsible for controlling the rotational speed and thrust of each rotor, and realizing the stable control of the flight attitude. Sensors can include gyroscopes, accelerometers, barometers, GPS, etc., which are used to perceive the status and environmental information of the drone. Communication equipment is used for data transmission and command interaction with ground stations or other equipment.

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Advantages of multi-rotor drones:

a. The collective pitch of the rotor is fixed, and the structure is simple. If the motor, electronic governor, battery, propeller and frame are damaged, they can be easily replaced.

b. The blades of each rotor are relatively short, and the linear velocity at the end of the blades is slow. When a collision occurs, the impact force is small, it is not easy to be damaged, and it is safer for people. The rotors of some small quadcopters also have an outer frame, which can effectively avoid bumps and damage.

c. Environmental protection, low noise, small size, light weight, low cost, and easy to carry.

d. Can take off and land vertically.

Multi-rotor UAV has small size; light weight; low noise; good concealment; suitable for multi-platform and multi-space use; Flying; low flying height, strong maneuverability, strong ability to perform special tasks; simple structure, flexible control; low cost; small propeller, good safety, convenient disassembly and easy maintenance and many other advantages.

Multi-rotor UAVs are widely used in various fields, including aerial photography, search and rescue, logistics and transportation, agricultural plant protection, scientific research, etc. Due to its vertical take-off and landing and hovering capabilities, multi-rotor UAVs have unique advantages in scenarios that require low-altitude flight or need to stay in a specific location for tasks.

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