Application of multi-rotor UAV in forestry production

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Application of multi-rotor UAV in forestry production

Forestry pest monitoring:

Using multi-rotor UAV technology to monitor forest pests, the PTZ camera can detect discolored trees, dead trees and abnormal forests in advance. Through the analysis of image data, the damage degree of forest pests can be determined, thereby greatly improving the level of early warning of forest pests. At the same time, the early warning level of forestry pests has also been greatly improved. It provides a new way for forest pest management decision-making and integrated pest management.

Forest Fire Monitoring:

In recent years, with the increase of forest area, forest fires occur frequently. Forest fire is a devastating disaster and the deadliest killer that threatens the safety of forest resources. When a forest fire occurs, the visibility of the fire site is low, the mountains are high and the forests are dense, and the trees are blocked. Observers could not see the specific situation of the fire scene. The fire status of forest fires is difficult to monitor. In addition, observers are close to the fire scene, which poses a great threat to personal safety. Once the wind changes, they can easily get trapped in the fire and be used more often. The rotor UAV can observe the fire at close range, and at the same time, it can comprehensively monitor the fire at an altitude of 200 meters, ensuring the personal safety of the observers. It can transmit the specific situation of the fire to the fire headquarters in real time. The commander can formulate an effective fire fighting plan based on the image data.

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Forestry special survey:

Forestry planning, surveying, and design work are heavy, and they need to cross mountains and ridges, which is difficult and high-intensity. The research uses a multi-rotor UAV. The boundaries of aerial photography are clear, and the real-time transmission of GSP coordinate data improves the accuracy of regionalization and interpretation of satellite images. UAV aerial photography data can explain tree species and canopy density. In the forest resource survey and the annual forest land change survey, the original field investigators can be used. Turn to indoor work, reduce on-site working time, reduce labor intensity, and improve work efficiency.

Forestry law enforcement:

Utilizing the rapid response capability of multi-rotor drones, when receiving cases of illegal logging, illegal grazing, and illegal occupation of forest land, law enforcement officers quickly rushed to the scene with drones, took aerial photos of the illegal scene, and used The airborne GPS accurately locates, quickly forms a map and sends it to the law enforcement supervision agency, and accurately obtains first-hand information on the illegal scene. The forestry law enforcement department analyzes the location and degree of damage through high-definition remote sensing images, so as to stop illegal acts in time and strengthen Regulation of forest land.

Afforestation effectiveness monitoring:

Investigating the survival rate of afforestation, especially afforestation in mountainous areas, the manual verification workload is heavy and the efficiency is low. The mobility of drones can be used to monitor the effectiveness of afforestation. Using multi-rotor drones can monitor the boundaries of afforestation small classes and verify the area of afforestation. At the same time, it can also reduce the flight altitude, observe the survival rate of afforestation, and identify afforestation tree species, which improves the work efficiency of afforestation verification and reduces the verification workload.

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