What is a rice transplanter? What are the precautions for using rice transplanter?


Rice transplanter is a kind of agricultural machinery and equipment, which can plant rice seedlings in paddy fields, improve the work efficiency and quality of transplanting, and help realize the modernization of agricultural production. When using the rice transplanter to work, pay attention to the need to stop and turn off the flame when adjusting the amount of seedlings taken, keep the ship board clean during the transplanting operation, and disengage the planting clutch in time when the transplanter is changed. What is the specific rice transplanter and what are the precautions for using the rice transplanter? Let's find out with the editor today!

The rice transplanter has the advantages of fixed row spacing, plant spacing, amount of seedlings taken, adjustable transplanting depth, consistent planting depth, strong environmental adaptability, high planting speed, and good quality of transplanted seedlings.

What are the precautions for using rice transplanter?

a. When starting the engine, the main clutch handle and the planting clutch handle should be placed in the disengaged position; when the starting handle is shaken, it must be pushed inward to prevent bruising.

b. When adjusting the amount of seedlings taken, the machine must be turned off and the main clutch must be cut off when doing other antenna feeder tester adjustments, cleaning the seedling door or separating the needles.

c. When transplanting rice seedlings, the ship board should be kept clean to prevent seedling discs or other sundries from winding the drive shaft or universal joint; the machine operator must not use his feet to clean up the weeds and soil between the walking ground wheel and the walking transmission box.

d. When the rice transplanter is changing, the planting clutch should be disengaged in time to prevent damage to the transmission universal joint parts.

e. When loading seedlings or arranging seedlings, the operator should keep his hands away from the seedling door to prevent the computer cable from being stabbed by the separation needle.

f. When the vehicle is stuck during the rice transplanting operation, do not lift the transmission parts such as the bent pipe at both ends of the transmission assembly and the driven sprocket box, but lift the ship board or add a wooden bar between the walking ground wheel blades to make the rice transplanter Climb out on your own.

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