Walking Tractor Use


Walking tractors can be used for plowing operations, rotary tillage operations, sowing operations, harvesting operations, ditching operations, irrigation and threshing operations, transportation operations, etc.

Walking tractors are common means of transportation and agricultural machinery in China, and the general source of power is diesel engines.


The walking tractor is used in conjunction with the double plow for farming. The double-share plow is composed of a plow body, a plow body adjustment mechanism, a plow body lifting mechanism, and a beam. The utility model can conveniently adjust the plow body entry angle, the horizontal position and the straight line position of the plow body, conveniently lift and lower the plow body, and improve the cultivation speed and cultivation quality. One side of the driving wheel is on the uncultivated land, and the other side of the driving wheel is in the furrow. The adhesion coefficient between the two wheels and the ground is different, and the slipping rate is different, causing the unit to often deviate in one direction.

Rotary tillage

The walking tractor is used in conjunction with the rotary tiller for plowing and harrowing operations. The rotary tillage operation can make the soil finely divided, the soil and fertilizer can be mixed evenly, and the ground can be leveled, which can meet the requirements of sowing in dry land or planting in paddy fields, which is conducive to gaining farming time and improving work efficiency.


Walking tractors are used in conjunction with various types of seeders for sowing operations. Wheat Seeder Soybean Wheat Drill Corn Soybean Planter.


The walking tractor is used in conjunction with the harvester for harvesting operations. Harvesting wheat rice soybeans


The walking tractor is used in conjunction with a disc plow or a ditcher for ditching operations.

Irrigation and threshing operations

The walking tractor is equipped with corresponding water pumps and threshers. The diesel engine flywheel belt is connected to the water pump or thresher, and the diesel engine flywheel is used to drive the water pump or thresher, which can be used for irrigation and threshing of crops such as wheat.

Transport operations

Walking tractors with trailers can be used for both field transportation and road transportation; generally, 1-ton single-axle small trailers are matched with 18-horsepower walking tractors.

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