Product advantages of multi-rotor drones


Product advantages of multi-rotor drones:

a. Efficient and safe - multi-rotor UAV and personnel safety.

The pesticide spraying drone of the multi-rotor UAV has the advantages of good safety performance, moderate spray speed, complete spraying device, fixed height from the crop, and high efficiency of large-scale operation. Its efficiency is at least dozens of times that of conventional spraying. The use of pesticide spraying drones reduces the time that staff are exposed to pesticides, and can automatically fly to control the navigation operation limit, thus ensuring the safety of staff!

b. Easy to operate - "fool-style" flight control and navigation autonomous operation.

The application of pesticide spraying drone spraying technology is not limited by terrain and height, and multi-rotor drones are effective when working in the field. The handheld ground station equipment can be used for operation, and the unmanned multi-rotor helicopter adopts remote control operation and flight control navigation autonomous operation function. Before the spraying operation, plan the map route and input it into the internal control system of the ground station. The aircraft can independently carry the spraying device to complete the spraying operation. At the same time, the pesticide spraying drone operation can also observe the progress of the spraying operation on the display interface of the handheld ground station in real time.

c. Good effect - high coverage effect is good.

The higher the coverage density, the more uniform the spray liquid per unit area and the better the control effect. The spray drift test in the liquid liquid reflects the advantages of the degree of inundation of the pesticide sprayed by the drone. The multi-rotor UAV has 18 helical wings and the working height is relatively low. When the liquid droplets are sprayed from the sprayer, the downward airflow of the 18 rotors is accelerated to form an aerosol flow, which directly increases the permeability of the liquid droplets to the crops, reduces the degree of pesticide loss, and the liquid deposition volume and liquid solution coverage are better than traditional ones. Therefore, the control effect is better than the traditional control effect, and it can also prevent the pesticide from polluting the soil.

d. Low cost - saving water, saving medicine and low maintenance cost.

The multi-rotor UAV spray technology can save more than 50% of the pesticide consumption, greatly reducing resource costs. The UAV has low depreciation rate, low consumption, low labor cost per unit operation, and convenient maintenance.

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