What is a double plow?


A double plow is an agricultural tool used for plowing and turning soil. It consists of two shareshares (also called ploughshares), each attached to one side of the plow body and balanced by a central support rod. Double plows are usually used in conjunction with a walk-behind tractor. The function of the double plow is to turn, cut and loosen the soil to promote the sowing of seeds and the growth of crops. As the power source pulls the plow body, the share cuts into the soil and turns it over, moving the underlying soil to the upper layer and burying weeds and plant debris into the soil. This helps mix organic matter and nutrients, improves soil aeration and drainage, and increases the fertility of fields. Double plows are generally used for farming large areas, especially for flat land. It is one of the traditional farming tools that is still widely used in modern farming, although in some areas it has been replaced by more modern farming equipment.

The walking tractor is used in conjunction with the double plow for farmland cultivation. It is a combination of agricultural cultivation and is often used in small farmland or small areas that are not easy to enter. A walk-behind tractor is usually a small, lightweight machine that is propelled or steered by an operator to provide power to attached agricultural implements. The working method of the walking tractor with the double plow is that the double plow is connected to the rear of the walking tractor, and the traction is provided by the power source of the walking tractor. The operator typically stands or rides on a walk-behind tractor and uses a joystick or control panel to control the speed and direction of the tractor. When driven by a walk-behind tractor, the shares of the double plow cut into the soil and turn it over to loosen the soil and improve soil texture. The small design of the walk-behind tractor makes it more flexible and can be adapted to small farmland or gardens, such as orchards, vegetable gardens and flower beds. The advantages of a walk-behind tractor with a double plow include relatively low cost, high flexibility, ease of handling and adaptation to small farms. However, due to the size and power limitations of walk-behind tractors, they may be less efficient when handling large areas of farmland, and operation on complex terrain or steep slopes may be difficult. Therefore, larger tractors and corresponding tillage equipment are often used in large-scale farming.

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