Is it difficult to make agricultural machinery? The feelings of people who have been in the agricultural machinery industry.


I work in an agricultural machinery enterprise and have visited many agricultural machinery enterprises. As an agricultural machinery person who has worked in the industry for more than ten years, I have a deep feeling for agricultural machinery practitioners, and I have a little understanding of their working and living conditions. Tell me how I feel. Mainly talk about the situation of front-line workers and bosses.

Let’s talk about front-line workers in domestic assembly plants first. The so-called feng shui turns. Forty or fifty years ago, “workers” were synonymous with “iron rice bowls.” Today’s workers are synonymous with hard work. In a machinery company, the mess and mess of front-line work is unavoidable. All the work is manual work. There is no oil on the machine. Except for the light screws, other large parts are very heavy. Carrying and lifting is indispensable, and women cannot do this work, but there are also many female workers in the workshop. It's all about survival. There is no stability, because agricultural machinery production has off-peak seasons, and it is normal for people to leave when there is no work to do in the off-season. Enterprise workshop workers update quickly. As for workers in supporting enterprises such as casting and painting, the working conditions are even worse.

It is even more difficult for the boss who is in the entrepreneurial stage. In the early stage of the company, the boss is not only purchasing but also technology, service, and front-line workers, and even the whole family goes online to work as workers. There are cases where workers work overnight during peak seasons. It is not easy for the agricultural machinery people to earn this little money. Therefore, it is enough to meet a reliable company and the price of the product is about the same. If the price is too low, the quality is sacrificed, and the cost of later maintenance services will be higher, which is a waste. The so-called industrial upgrading is also based on high quality and high profits. If there is not enough profit, it can only be copied and imitated. How can there be money for technology.

Let's talk about foreign companies. The working environment of foreign companies is not a bit higher than that of domestic companies. Because the work philosophy is different, the product strategy is also different. Of course, high profits correspond to high benefits and good hardware conditions. There is no way, the industrial foundation that is more than a hundred years ahead is there. We can only roll up our sleeves and work harder. But the front-line workers of foreign companies are also tired from work, overtime, unstable jobs, and layoffs in the off-season. The only upside is the higher overtime pay. The boss of a foreign company is much more relaxed. The so-called boss is a professional manager. As long as the KPI indicators are completed, the data can pass. Stability and growth are overriding. Because of the high benefits of foreign companies, there is a wave of loyal department managers fighting each other, flattering upwards, squeezing each other to make the data beautiful, and making the Chinese management obedient. Why are Chinese people so tolerant of foreign products and so unconfident about their own products? In fact, the products of foreign companies will also make mistakes and have quality problems. The so-called failure rate is specific to a certain person, who bought a car and encountered problems, it is 100%. Expanding to the damage of the entire enterprise user is the real failure rate. The failure rate is an indicator that manufacturers have been controlling. No matter how good the company is, the service department and the quality department are the departments that have the most headaches and are scolded by the boss the most.

Finally, to all colleagues in the agricultural machinery industry, you have worked hard. Without your efforts, the current popularization and upgrading of agricultural mechanization will not be achieved. No matter what stage an enterprise is in, it is a member of the social division of labor, it is all for life, and it is also its own choice. Since you have chosen, don't regret it. Keep it up and make an effort for agricultural mechanization.

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