Conventional Plow VS Flip Plow


What is a conventional plow?

The conventional plow is a plow in which the plow share and the plow wall are used as the main working parts for plowing and crushing operations.

A plow is a farming implement that is fully mounted and consists of a thick blade at the end of a beam, usually attached to a group of livestock or a motor vehicle that draws it, and may also be driven by manpower for breaking up clods and plowing furrows in preparation for planting. It has the functions of breaking the bottom of the plow, restoring the structure of the soil plow layer, improving the ability of soil water storage and moisture conservation, eliminating some weeds, reducing pests and diseases, leveling the surface, and improving the standards of agricultural mechanization operations.

The conventional plow is mainly composed of plow body, plow frame, traction device, hitch device, suspension frame and other basic components. part.

The role of the conventional plow:

According to different traction power, it can be divided into animal power plow and machine power plow. Mechanical plows are divided into traction plows, hanging plows and semi-hanging plows according to different attachment methods;

According to different purposes, there are general plows, deep plows, wasteland plows, paddy field plows, mountain plows, orchard plows, etc. In addition, it can also be divided into two-way plows and amplitude modulation plows according to different structures;

According to the number of operating plow bodies, it can be divided into single plow, double plow, triple plow, etc.;

According to the weight of the plow and the type adapted to the soil, it can be divided into heavy plow, medium plow and light plow.

Various types of combined tillage machines can be formed by adding components such as rotary tillage, loose soil or flat ground on the basis of the conventional plow.

What is a turning plow?

The turning plow is used in conjunction with the tractor, and the lifting and turning of the plow are controlled by a double distributor. The reversing plow includes a suspension frame, a reversing oil cylinder, a non-return mechanism, a ground wheel mechanism, a plow frame and a plow body. Through the expansion and contraction of the piston rod in the oil cylinder, the forward and reverse plow bodies on the plow frame are driven to perform vertical flip movements, and are alternately replaced to the working position. ; The ground wheel is a round dual-purpose mechanism for adjusting the depth of tillage by a lead screw. The suspension frame is connected with the working host, the plow body is connected to the plow frame through the plow column, and the ground wheel mechanism is installed on the plow frame, which is characterized in that the cylinder body of the turning oil cylinder is hinged with the oil cylinder seat connected to the plow frame, and the cylinder There is a piston rod for telescopic movement in the body, a central shaft is fixed on the plow frame, and the rear end of the central bushing outside the central shaft is hinged with the piston rod, the front end passes through and is fixed on the beam of the suspension frame, and the piston rod is connected with the oil cylinder seat and the plow frame to drive the central shaft to perform rotary motion in the central shaft sleeve.

Conventional Plow VS Flip Plow

The advantage of the conventional plow is that it can bury crop residues, crushed straw, fertilizers, weeds and insect eggs on the surface into the plow layer. Occurrence of grass and insect infestation. The conventional plow is mainly suitable for hard soil, the plow is relatively deep, the soil is soft, and the efficiency of turning the plow is higher.

The reversing plow uses two sets of different plow bodies on the basis of ordinary plows, and is equipped with a reversing device for reversing. The two sets of plow bodies are used alternately during work. According to different flip angles, there are 90° flip and 180° flip. The 90° reversible plow is only used on small-power tractors because the plowing width cannot exceed half of the inner track of the tractor’s driving wheel; the 180° reversible plow has good adaptability, good quality of cultivated land, reliable operation, and is widely used. The flip plow can be used in conjunction with a tractor, and is mainly suitable for the needs of large-scale plowing.

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