What are the maintenance measures for the eight-rotor Drone?


Eight-rotor drones are mainly used in agriculture, forestry and other aerial defense work. Many people have always wanted to know about the maintenance and preventive measures of drones to prolong the service life of drones. Now let's briefly explain what are the maintenance measures for an octocopter drone?

As a relatively sophisticated mechanical and electrical equipment, in addition to normal use, in order to ensure the normal flight and service life of the eight-rotor UAV, in addition to normal operation and use, the UAV also needs to be regularly maintained.

a. As a sophisticated electronic device, UAV needs to be kept dry and clean. Although no damage has occurred to the drone, if left untreated in water or in a humid environment, it will damage the electronic components, cause the drone to malfunction and reduce its lifespan.

If the drone gets wet or gets wet during use, please turn off the power and dry it after use, then put it in a moisture-proof box to absorb moisture, and use it after removing the moisture. In addition, dust has a great impact on drones, especially precision equipment such as motors, so take off from sandy ground should be avoided as much as possible, and it must be cleaned after each use.

b. If the battery of the drone swells, the operation should be stopped immediately. Some drone batteries have protective cases. If the battery does not fit smoothly, it may be due to the battery protrusion squeezing the case and deforming it. In addition, the drone battery is replaced twice a week, and the battery may be damaged if it is not replaced for a long time. In the process of using the drone, you should pay attention to the impact of external temperature on the battery. If the drone is used in a low-temperature area, the battery should be "warmed" and "preheated" to prevent the voltage from rising rapidly.

c. Although the drone propeller is not as easy to damage as the battery, it also requires frequent maintenance. While it is rare for a blade to break due to a collision during normal use, collisions with obstacles due to visual errors or handling often occur. In case of obstacles, pay special attention to whether there are cracks, gaps and other problems that affect the flight stability of the drone. If the propeller is severely damaged, replace it with a new propeller blade.

d. In addition to the propeller, the motor also has a great influence on the flight stability of the eight-rotor UAV. If the drone rolls or fails to land smoothly while hovering, there may be a problem with the motors. You can try to correct the fuselage before taking off, if this problem still occurs, you need to send it to the factory for maintenance in time to prevent the drone from losing control or crashing due to motor stall.

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