Ridging And Laminating Machine


The ridging and laminating machine is a kind of agricultural machinery and equipment used for mulching operations in farmland. Through automatic operation and multi-functionality, it realizes multiple operation functions such as ridging, film covering and rolling. The ridging and laminating machine can save resources, improve crop yield and quality, and adapt to various types of soil and crop planting needs.

The ridge and mulching machine is equipped with a four-wheel tractor, which can ridge mulch. At the same time, it can also add rotary tillage, fertilization, drip irrigation, spraying, drilling and other devices. One machine is multi-functional, and one can complete ridges, fertilization, spraying chemicals, drip irrigation and film mulching. Hole punching integrated operation. This film laying machine is designed with a ridge covering device, the ridge shape is standard, and the film laying is smooth.


Automated operation: The ridge and laminating machine adopts an automatic control system, which can complete the entire lamination process, reduces the need for manual operation, and improves work efficiency.

Versatility: Ridging and laminating machines usually have multiple functions, and can complete multiple operations such as ridging, laminating, rolling, etc., reducing the labor intensity of farmers.

Resource saving: Ridging and film mulching can effectively use agricultural film to make it cover more evenly on the field, reduce the waste of agricultural film and save resources.

Improve yield and quality: The mulching operation by ridge and laminating machine can improve soil temperature and humidity, promote crop growth, and improve yield and quality.

Strong adaptability: Ridge and laminating machine can adapt to different types of soil and crops, has strong adaptability, and can be used to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and other crops.

Applies to:

Vegetable planting: Ridging and mulching machine is widely used in vegetable planting, such as tomato, cucumber, pepper and so on. Mulching can increase the soil temperature, promote the growth of vegetables, and reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases.

Fruit planting: For the planting of some fruit saplings, such as strawberries, raspberries, etc., the ridging and laminating machine can help maintain soil moisture and temperature, and provide an environment conducive to fruit growth.

Flower planting: ridging and laminating machine is also suitable for flower planting, such as roses, tulips, etc. Mulching can protect flowers from the external environment and provide suitable growing conditions.

Greenhouse planting: ridging and laminating machine can also be used in the greenhouse to provide mulching services for the crops in the greenhouse and create a suitable growth environment.

All in all, the ridging and laminating machine has the characteristics of automatic operation, multi-functionality, saving resources, and improving output and quality.

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