The structure and advantages of the multi-rotor plant protection UAV


The multi-rotor plant protection UAV is an unmanned aircraft used for agricultural and forestry plant protection operations. The UAV is light and flexible. Under the trend of continuous improvement of battery energy density, lightweight materials and continuous miniaturization of airborne equipment , its advantages are more obvious, and more and more people choose to use it, and the market prospect is broad. This type of unmanned aircraft is composed of three parts: flying platform (fixed wing, single rotor, multi-rotor), GPS flight control, and spraying mechanism. It can spray chemicals, seeds, powder, etc. through ground remote control or GPS flight control.

Structural form: The rotor, like the wheel, is a magical invention. Until the jet aircraft was invented, the rotor has been supporting the human dream of flying. Today, many aircraft still use the rotor design. The quadrotor drone has even turned into a plant protection drone, satisfying many people's imagination of the full mechanization of farmland. The rotors are distributed symmetrically in the front, rear, left and right directions of the body. The four rotors are on the same height plane, and the structures and radii of the four rotors are the same. The four motors are symmetrically installed on the bracket end of the aircraft, and the flight control is placed in the middle space of the bracket. computer and peripherals. It is driven by the rotation of the motor to make the propeller generate lift and fly. For example, for a quadrotor UAV, when the sum of the lift of the four propellers of the aircraft is equal to the total weight of the aircraft, the lift of the aircraft is balanced with the gravity, and the aircraft can hover in the air.

Advantages of multi-rotor plant protection drones:

Reliable and Stable: From the perspective of mechanical reliability alone, the multi-rotor has no moving parts, so the reliability is high, and the multi-rotor can hover, the flight range is controlled, and it is safer and more reliable than the fixed wing.

Simple control: The control principle of the drone is very simple. According to different crops, the spraying flow, flight speed, height can be adjusted by itself. Operational control.

High serviceability: The structure of the UAV is simple, and if the motor, electronic governor, battery, paddle and frame are damaged, they can be easily replaced.

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