How can efficient plant protection tools help plant protection work?


High-efficiency plant protection tools are applicable tools equipped in the process of plant protection work, which provide important help for relevant plant protection personnel to carry out their work, and have outstanding performance and functions in modern agricultural security work. It is convenient to assist plant protection workers in the monitoring and reporting of field diseases and insect pests, and it can achieve twice the result with half the effort when combined with mobile data collection equipment, GPS and disease and insect survey statistics.

With the continuous advancement of my country's agricultural development, the prevention and control of pests and diseases is becoming more and more important. However, at present, most of the farmlands of each household are still under single control. In addition, the varieties of crops planted are different, and the situation of pests and diseases is complicated. If you want to promote green Plant protection is very difficult. It is often that one piece of farmland is controlled, but the other is not controlled simultaneously, which induces the migration of pests, resulting in the failure of effective control of regional farmland diseases and insect pests.

So what important help can efficient plant protection tools provide for the development of plant protection work?

In fact, the toolbox is an auxiliary equipment for field quarantine inspection of plant diseases and insect pests. It is not only convenient to carry, but also contains a lot of tools. It can be said that it has all kinds of tools needed for plant disease and insect inspection and quarantine work in the field. . This plant protection toolbox is equipped with various tools, such as commonly used fluke tubes, poison bottles, pruning shears, three-piece collection sets, fluke tubes and other tools. Among them, the fluke tube is specially used to collect tiny insects whose bodies are weak and difficult to take. If the insects with weak bodies are collected directly, they will easily cause damage, which is not conducive to preserving the integrity of the insects; the poison bottle with medicine is used to poison the collected diseases and insect pests. The poison bottle will simply poison the diseases and insect pests first, and then prevent them The disease is easy to carry; the compass can ensure the safety of the workers in the field and avoid the direction of foraging; the record book, marker pen, oil pen, and signature pen are used to record the specimen information in detail, and truly record the collection time and location and collectors.

With this set of equipment, when the plant protection personnel work in the field, they no longer need to worry about the lack of tools, and the work efficiency and work effect will be significantly improved. It should be known that on-site quarantine inspection of crop diseases and insect pests is a prerequisite for pest control, and it is also a key task that modern plant protection personnel need to carry out. In the past, when carrying out such work, many aspects were used for pest forecasting and early warning due to the lack of suitable tools. Work has increased in difficulty. However, when the plant protection personnel get the help of this equipment, it is completely different. For some diseases and insect pests that are more collected, quarantined and need tool assistance, they can ask for help from the plant protection toolbox. The tools provided by the equipment also meet the needs of the work. The work of research and analysis, forecasting and early warning can be rapidly deepened.

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