Precautions For Safe Operation And Use Of The Tiller:

author: Suan
micro-tiller,mini tiller
In order to better operate and use the tiller safely and eliminate potential safety hazards, please follow the following precautions for the operators of the tiller.
1. The operator of the micro-tiller must undergo professional training or read the manual of the micro-tiller before operation. Those who are not familiar with the operation method of the machine are strictly prohibited from operating.
2. The operator of the tiller should pay special attention to the safety warning signs on the machine, read the contents of the signs carefully, and expressly indicate to other operators.
3. The operator of the tiller should wear work clothes that meet the requirements of labor protection, and special attention should be paid to preventing injury from being entangled by moving parts. Check that all exposed rotating parts are well guarded.
4. The operator of the tiller is strictly prohibited from fatigued work to avoid accidents.
5. Before each work, it is necessary to check whether the lubricating oil of the engine and transmission case is sufficient.
6. Before use, it is necessary to check whether the bolts of each component, transmission box and engine are loose or falling off.
7. Check whether each operating component (bit) is flexible and effective.
8. When installing the tiller, it must be confirmed that the left and right are symmetrical, and the working edge is facing forward, otherwise it cannot be used normally.
9. Before starting the engine, check whether the clutch is in the disengaged position and whether the gear lever is in the neutral position.
10. In order to ensure the normal operation of the engine and prolong its service life, the engine must be run at no load after starting, and the car can be started after 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up. It is best not to work at high speed and heavy load within 1 to 2 hours before starting to work. If the phenomenon of speeding occurs when the engine is started, the fuel supply should be cut off immediately or the intake port should be blocked to stop the engine immediately.
11. The height of the resistance rod should be adjusted at any time according to the working conditions, and the fuselage should be kept in a horizontal position to prevent the engine from being damaged due to excessive tilting of the engine and poor lubrication of the engine.
12. During the operation, it is forbidden to touch all kinds of rotating tools to avoid puncture, and keep away from the high temperature area of ​​the exhaust pipe, and be careful of scalding.
13. When changing tools, clearing weeds and checking and repairing, it must be carried out after the engine is stopped. Safety must be ensured when transferring on slopes, roads or narrow areas.
14. It is strictly forbidden to use any method to improve the working speed of the machine.
15. The speed, power and other parts of the engine have been adjusted normally on the test bench, and it is strictly forbidden to adjust at will.
16. The machine has no lighting device, and it is strictly forbidden to work at night.
17. The micro-tiller should drive at low speed when working near the corners, ditch, hole, canal, etc. of the field; when working in the greenhouse, it is necessary to pay attention to ventilation, so that air convection and exhaust gas are discharged.
18. Stop the machine and avoid fire when adding oil.
19. Pay attention to the balance of the machine when working in the slope area. You can work along the slope, and the slope should be less than 25 degrees.
20. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to approach or touch the rotating parts to avoid accidents.
21. It is strictly forbidden for the tiller to be attached to the trailer to transport goods.