What Are The Differences Between 4wd And 2wd Tractors?

author: Manhope
There are four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive tractors, and both drive types have their pros and cons. The main differences are as follows:

The Fuel Consumption Is Different.

4-wheel drive tractors with the same horsepower consume more fuel than 2-wheel drive tractors. The front tire of the 4-wheel drive tractor is relatively high, and the frictional resistance is higher than that of the 2-wheel drive tractor of the flat flower during operation and walking, so the fuel consumption is also higher.
2.Different Horsepower Output
With the same horsepower model and the same operating conditions, the horsepower output loss of the four-wheel drive is lower than that of the two-wheel drive. Especially under some heavy-load operations such as ploughing and deep loosening, as well as some unsatisfactory arable land conditions, the four-wheel drive tractor has a higher horsepower output ratio, and better operation effect and efficiency. In terms of load capacity, four-wheel drive has an advantage over two-wheel drive.
3.The Scope Of Applicable Cultivated Fields Is Different
With the same horsepower model, the four-wheel drive tractor has a wider range of applications. On sloping land, flat land, dry fields, paddy fields, and hilly areas, the four-wheel drive tractor can be mounted on the front drive to reduce the difficulty of operation and ensure operation efficiency. However, the two-wheel drive tractor will not work. The muddy and steeper slopes will reduce the stability and efficiency of the two-wheel drive tractor.
4.Gap size
Tractors have a wide track and a narrow track. No matter how wide the track of a two-wheel drive tractor is, it is not as wide as a four-wheel drive tractor. Four-wheel drive tractors also have narrow wheel bases, but the wheels that match the car are large. With a four-wheel-drive tractor, ride the ridges made by the two-wheel-drive tractor, and the tires will press the seedlings.
The Comfort Of Road Driving And Carrying Is Different

The comfort and maneuverability of two-wheel drive tractors are better than that of four-wheel drive; similarly, for low-load farmland operations, two-wheel drive tractors have more advantages in steering comfort and flexibility because the front wheels are not driven.
6.The Price Is Expensive, And The Maintenance Price Is Different
Four-wheel drive tractors do a lot of work and are expensive. The price of a four-wheel drive tractor is usually twice that of a two-wheel drive tractor of the same horsepower. Maintenance and repair costs are several times the annual cost of a four-wheel drive tractor as a two-wheel drive tractor.

Therefore, 4-wheel drive tractors and 2-wheel drive tractors have their own characteristics. You can't blindly choose a 4-wheel drive tractor because of its good adaptability and high horsepower output, but it should be determined according to your specific needs for the tractor.