Plant protection UAV maintenance capability requirements


When there is a problem with the flight control operation (such as arm damage, spray system failure, etc.), if the plant protection drone manufacturer is required to send personnel to repair all the problems, it will not only add a lot of unnecessary trouble costs, but also increase the corresponding time. For the operation team with anti-flying tasks, it will inevitably affect the economic benefits of the operation. In this way, flight defense personnel need to have the ability to maintain and operate. If they have maintenance capabilities but no maintenance parts, they can only wait for the manufacturer's delivery. In this way, the time cost increases. Therefore, the necessary parts must be equipped at all times, and the maintenance tools must be complete. Only when there are personnel maintenance capabilities, spare parts and tools, can quick maintenance be carried out at any time. The maintenance training provided by the manufacturer is the basis for operators to have maintenance capabilities. Therefore, if the operation team wants to make a profit, it should first build its own team as a mobile maintenance point.

Daily maintenance:

When the day's work is done, prepare for the next day's work. After the work is done, the cleaning of the aircraft and spraying system should be completed as soon as possible, because pesticide residues will corrode the drone body, metal structure, water pumps, nozzles and pipes. If it is not cleaned in time, it will affect the service life. Some chemicals have high viscosity. If you do not clean the entire spray system with clean water as soon as possible after the work is over, the water pump and nozzles will be easily blocked after a certain period of time, which will affect the spray flow rate of the next operation, so as to achieve the expected operation effect.

Flying ability requirements:

a. In fact, the handling ability of flying skills and unexpected situations during the operation of the aircraft is the accumulation of the pilot's personal ability. Only by practicing more, summing up their own shortcomings and learning lessons from the experience of their predecessors, can they remain calm during the operation.

b. Spray flow, flight speed, and spray range directly affect whether the plant protection operation is up to standard, which requires timely control of flight speed and crossing interval according to the spray system of the plant protection drone.

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