What is the impact of the down-pressure wind field of the plant protection drone on the plant protection operation?


Many friends may have heard that the down-pressure wind field of the plant protection drone has played a great role in plant protection operations, making pesticide spraying more penetrating. So what is this "down pressure wind field"? Today, the editor will take you to learn together.

In fact, the downpressure wind field of the plant protection drone comes from the vortex airflow formed by the high-speed rotation of its propeller. There is a certain height distance between the drone and the crops when performing plant protection operations, and it is generally about 1.5 meters to 10 meters depending on the type of crops. At this time, the medicine sprayed from the drone nozzle is like fog, with very small particles, and the wind factor is not easy to spray on the crops, especially the roots of the crops. At this time, the down-pressure wind field of the UAV plays a very important role. The down-pressure wind field and the high-pressure nozzle can make the spray more penetrating, not only can achieve deep spraying, but also achieve a uniform coverage effect. That is to say, the medicinal liquid is sprayed through the nozzle and passed through the downward pressure wind field of the propeller, so that the medicinal liquid can better cover the crops, which plays a very good control role.

Generally speaking, there will be three situations when drones spray liquid medicine in the air:

a. When the nozzle of the drone is not directly below the radius of the propeller, there will be a serious uplift;

b. The speed and height of the UAV flying above the crops will have different spray conditions;

c. The downpressure wind field is the largest when the drone is hovering, and the airflow in the downpressure wind field will cause the crops to sway greatly from the roots, while only the branches and leaves of the crops shake when flying.

Therefore, the downward pressure wind field of the plant protection UAV is its own function. The wind field can cause large swings in the crops, and a reasonable operation method is required. The spraying effect also has a certain relationship with the nozzle. At present, the two mainstream nozzles are pressure nozzle and centrifugal nozzle. The pressure nozzle itself has a downward force, and the spraying effect is very good, but the spray particles of the pressure nozzle are larger, and the effect on high-dry crops is better; while the spray effect of the centrifugal nozzle is good, but the nozzle itself has no downward force .

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