Design principle of multi-rotor UAV


The design of multi-rotor UAV is a comprehensive system in structure, including aerodynamics, structure, strength, power, material, technology, shape and so on. Through the overall design index, the system realizes the modularization, and the interface between the modules is realized. Finally, through system integration, the overall design idea of the multi-rotor UAV is realized.

A good industrial designer must be an excellent structural designer. As mentioned above, the industrial design of a UAV is related to the overall modeling, and the modeling design is related to the layout of the external structure, so it is related to the external structure composition of the multi-rotor UAV. In the initial stage of design, we can design Tianma Xingkong according to the design concept and design skills. Today, the editor uses divergent thinking to explain the application, function and structure of multi-rotor drones.

Uses: In recent years, with the rapid development of multi-rotor UAV technology, there are more and more application scenarios. In military terms, multi-rotor UAVs are divided into reconnaissance aircraft and target aircraft, which are used to complete battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance, positioning and shooting, damage assessment, electronic warfare, etc.; in civilian areas, such as border patrol, logistics transportation, aerial photography, Aviation exploration, disaster monitoring, traffic patrol, etc. In industrial design, we need to consider the specific application scenarios of multi-rotor UAVs and design applications in combination with industrial characteristics.

Function: This function is the basic relationship between the multi-rotor UAV and the user. When using a multi-rotor UAV, users can get a satisfactory experience from the product features. The functional design of the multi-rotor UAV reflects the practicability of the product. On the basis of the practical design principles, the innovative and artistic principles of the multi-rotor UAV are considered. Functionality is at the heart of drone industrial design.

Structure: In the structure of multi-rotor drones, there are four-rotor, six-rotor and eight-rotor. Regardless of the size of a multi-rotor drone, it basically includes: center plate, arm, flight controls, electric adjustment, receiver, altimeter, digital radio, GPS, IMU, lift and power unit, etc. For industrial applications, multi-rotors are usually equipped with PTZ, image transmission, obstacle avoidance devices, VR equipment, mission loads, etc. The structure of the multi-rotor UAV is related to the functional requirements of the product, and the design must be based on product positioning and market positioning.

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