Plant protection drones liberate farmers' hands and make agricultural planting intelligent


As an efficient and convenient auxiliary means, the plant protection drone has replaced the original tool to serve the daily work of all walks of life. It has the advantages of low cost, good cost-effectiveness, good maneuverability, and convenient use, and can reduce labor Operational risks, improving the safety and controllability of mission execution.

UAVs can be used to spray pesticides, sow seeds, fertilize and other agricultural operations, and the work efficiency can reach as high as 240 mu per hour, which is 30 times that of manual labor. Compared with drones, spraying pesticides manually is not only harmful to the human body, but it is also difficult to spray pesticides evenly; it also requires more financial and labor resources. Now, the introduction of plant protection drones has reduced the burden of busy farming and improved the efficiency of plant protection operations. The scientific use of smart agricultural machinery has achieved the goals of freeing farmers' hands, reducing costs, precise operation management and remote control.

The drone has reshaped the overall structure, adopting a modular design, which brings high load and wide spray width, powerful hardware collaborative intelligent engine technology and three-dimensional operation planning function, which improves the efficiency of plant protection operations to a new height, and a new modular design The disassembly and assembly of the fuselage is greatly simplified, the speed of daily maintenance is improved, and it is stable and reliable. The main structure is integrally formed with carbon fiber composite material, which is lightweight while ensuring the strength of the whole machine. The fuselage can be folded quickly, and the space occupied after folding is reduced, which is convenient for transportation.

The system adopts a new generation of flight control system, equipped with more accurate modules and spraying systems, as well as a highly optimized fuselage structure and new power, making UAV plant protection more accurate, smarter and more efficient. The flight accuracy of the route is up to centimeter level, which provides flight conditions for precise spraying and can avoid obstacles precisely. Through variable spraying technology, the flow rate of the nozzle can be precisely controlled to achieve a constant dosage per mu, so that the pesticide can be evenly sprayed on the farmland.

The high-speed centrifugal atomizing nozzle can atomize high-concentration pesticides into small particles below 100 microns. The downward pressure airflow generated by the rotation of the propeller allows the particles to evenly attach to the front and back of the crop leaves and stems. Low-volume spraying method Improve the utilization efficiency of pesticides, reduce the use of pesticides, provide altitude information with an error of less than 10 cm for flight, realize high-precision ground-following flight, and prevent liquid medicine from drifting.

The flight control system of the plant protection UAV can realize the whole flight according to the pre-mapped route and the set flight parameters without joystick operation. The one-control multi-machine technology can effectively reduce personnel costs and improve operation efficiency. The night flight function can be used during busy farming. More effective use of time in seasons to complete larger areas of operations. According to actual operations, a variety of specifications of medicine boxes can be selected. The hourly operating volume can reach 80 acres, and the operating efficiency is 60-80 times that of manual work. It is suitable for mixed spraying of various chemicals. , Improve efficiency, modular body design, medicine box, battery vertical plug, easy to replace quickly.

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