drone operation is a new way of plant protection operation


UAV operation has gradually changed from manual spraying to UAV spraying. Since the self-propelled boom sprayer is limited by terrain crops, UAV operation has become the main trend of the agricultural plant protection industry. According to online information, at present, plant protection drone companies and drone flight defense teams have sprung up all over the country, and the plant protection drone industry has entered a golden period of development.

UAV flight defense is an emerging plant protection operation method developed in recent years. As pesticide application equipment, plant protection drones have increased the area of ​​mechanized pesticide application in my country, improved the utilization rate of pesticides, and have the characteristics of high operating efficiency, strong terrain adaptability, and safe operation.

However, the current plant protection drone industry is still in the early stages of development, and plant protection drone operations also have irregular operations and are prone to drift and pesticide damage. Therefore, combined with the relevant characteristics of plant protection drones, the following technical specification recommendations are formulated.

The operation effect of plant protection drones is closely related to chemicals, spraying equipment and operating parameters, meteorological conditions, timing of prevention and control, resistance, etc. Only after standardized operations in all aspects can the operation effect be truly guaranteed and avoid phytotoxicity. The drone operation adopts a low-capacity spray method, which has the characteristics of small droplets and less medication. The special operation method also makes it different from other plant protection machinery in terms of medication, dosage form, and mode of action.

UAV operations are carried out by spraying, and the spray particle size is small, so powder formulations cannot be used, and water-based formulations should be used, such as water emulsion, microemulsion, emulsifiable concentrate, suspension concentrate, water formulation, etc. Wettable powder and soluble powder may cause blockage of nozzles and shorten the life of water pumps.

Temperature is very important to the effect of the liquid medicine. Low temperature may lead to poor efficacy of the medicine, and low temperature below 0°C may even cause injury to the medicine. The higher the temperature, the faster the evaporation of the liquid medicine will be, and the deposition of mist droplets will be very small. Because the temperature characteristics of different chemicals are quite different, the temperature to which the pesticides are adapted is also quite different, but the work should generally be carried out between 15-30°C. Operations below 0°C and above 35°C should be prohibited.

UAV aerial photography uses a high-resolution remote sensing image cluster processing system to perform image preprocessing on the ground, large-scale remote sensing image control block adjustment, DSM/DEM automatic generation, semi-automatic extraction of contour data, and high-precision orthophoto Remote sensing image automatic, continuous update production and other preparatory work. The UAV operation uses a small number of ground control points of the object space coordinates in the survey area, and calculates the object space coordinates of the encrypted points and the outer orientation elements of the image through the block adjustment calculation, which is called the block network aerial triangulation.

UAV operations use aerial triangulation to make the distribution of encrypted points in the survey area more uniform, the transition points between flight belts more dense, and the encryption accuracy more reliable. After the adjustment is settled, the system automatically generates the encrypted point coordinates and outer orientation of each image Element file, select the reference image to uniform light and color for all images in the entire measurement area, so that the color and tone of the entire measurement area are uniform. The UAV operation calls the entire survey area image and DEM data to automatically generate an orthophoto; manually edits the automatically generated survey area stitching line to adjust the stitching line direction to ensure the integrity of buildings and other entities with obvious signs.

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