Moldboard Plow maintenance precautions Troubleshooting



1. Comprehensively check the appearance of the machine tool, repaint the paint, and oil the machete and spline shaft to prevent rust.

2. Check whether the transmission box, ten points and bearings are short of oil, and replenish immediately if necessary.

3. Check the tightening of the connecting bolts.

4. Check whether the wearing parts such as plug pins and cotter pins are damaged, and replace them if necessary.

5. Thoroughly remove the dirt and oil on the machine.

6. Completely replace lubricating oil and grease.

7. For long-term storage, the plow should be cleaned, the working surface of the plow body and all rotating parts should be coated with anti-rust oil, and it should be parked in a ventilated and dry place.


1. It is not allowed to change the plow before it is unearthed; when there is too much clay or grass on the working parts, it must be stopped and cleaned, and it is strictly forbidden to clean it by hand during the operation.

2. When the Moldboard Plow is suspended for transportation, the tractor’s hydraulic lifting handle must be fixed, and the limit chain of the tractor’s lower rod must be tightened to reduce the swing of the suspension mechanism.

3. Before plowing the land, you should understand the conditions of the field and roads, remove obstacles such as stones in the field, mark the water wells, etc., and determine the moisture opening line and the ground edge and headline.

4. Determine the farming route according to the shape and slope of the plot. Generally, it should be cultivated along the long side of the plot. When there are ridges, cultivate along the ridges. To reduce the slope of the plot, the cultivation method of turning the soil to the lower place can be adopted. Pay attention to reducing the moisture ditch, and when the plot is large, you can divide it into several small areas to avoid too many empty trips.

5. When the working resistance is large, the speed should be appropriately reduced.

6. The plow must be raised when the field is turning; when transporting for a long distance, the lower rod should be tightened to limit the chain to reduce the swing of the plow.


1. Difficulty entering the soil

The cause of the problem: the edge of the share is worn or the tip of the share is upturned and deformed;

Solution: replace the plowshare or repair it.

2. The soil is dry and hard

Solution: Properly increase the angle of entry into the soil, the moment of entry into the soil or add a counterweight at the end of the plow frame.

3. The front of the plow frame is high and the rear is low, or the tie rod is low or the mop is high

Solution: Shorten the length of the upper tie rod, raise the traction plow tie rod or lower the mop position of the tractor.

4. The vertical clearance of the plowshare is small

Solution: replace the plow side plate, check the plow wall, etc.

5. The upper tie rod of the suspension unit is too long

Solution: Shorten the pull-up rod to keep the plow frame level at the specified plowing depth.

6. Improper selection of the suspension point position and too small moment of entry into the soil

Solution: Hang the upper hole at the lower suspension point of the plow, and hang the lower hole at the upper suspension point to increase the moment of entry into the soil.

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