Disc plow use precautions and maintenance skills


Disc plow use precautions

1. Adjustment before the operation of the hanging disc plow

Carry out trial tillage in the field to be tilled, and make the following adjustments.

(1) Adjustment of tillage depth.

①A height-adjustable suspended disc plow is adopted, and the hydraulic system of the tractor is in a "floating" state. The depth of tillage is adjusted by adjusting the fixed up and down position of the tail wheel, and the coupling hole position of the implement and the tractor is also adjusted. ② The position-adjusted and force-adjusted suspended disc plow is controlled by the tractor hydraulic system to control the plowing depth. When tilling, the position adjustment handle on the tractor is lowered, the greater the angle is moved, the greater the plowing depth. In this method, the relative positions of the plow and the tractor are fixed. When the surface is uneven, the ups and downs of the tractor make the plowing depth change greatly, the uphill becomes deeper, and the downhill becomes shallower. Therefore, it is only suitable for farming on flat land. ③For force-adjusted suspension disc plows, the plowing depth is automatically controlled by the hydraulic system during the plowing process. When the resistance increases, the pressure of the upper tie rod increases, and the plowing depth automatically becomes shallower; when the resistance decreases, the pressure of the upper tie rod decreases. , the plowing depth increases. When the specific resistance of the soil remains constant, the greater the angle of movement of the force adjustment handle on the tractor in the deeper direction, the greater the plowing depth. This method can basically keep the plowing depth even when the local surface is uneven.

(2) Partial traction adjustment. The way to adjust the eccentric traction is to adjust the deflection angle and position of the tail wheel to balance the lateral force of the soil on the disc and maintain the straight-line driving performance of the unit.

(3) Adjustment of the trip into the soil. When the disc plow is working, it is forced into the soil by its weight. The soil penetration performance is worse than that of the conventional plow. Therefore, its weight is generally required to be larger. Usually, a heavy-duty frame is used, and sometimes a counterweight is added to make it obtain better soil penetration performance. .

(4) left and right level, front and rear level adjustment. By adjusting the length of the tractor's left and right tie rods and upper tie rods, adjust the left and right levels and front and rear levels of the implement.

2. Adjustment of drive type disc plow before operation

(1) In addition to the above adjustments, the following adjustments should be made to the drive disc plow driven by the power output shaft of the tractor: check the connection of the universal joint drive shaft before operation, and require the corresponding sliding fork plane at both ends of the universal joint drive It must be parallel; the angle with the horizontal plane should not exceed 15° during operation; adjust the hooking position of the upper and lower rods of the tractor, and the length of the upper rod.

(2) Check and adjust the rotation flexibility of the transmission part. Through manual rotation and dry running test before operation, check the rotating parts: the rotation flexibility of the gear box and the disc shaft. It is required that there should be no abnormal noise and flexible rotation, otherwise it is necessary to check and adjust the bevel gear tooth side clearance, bearing clearance, etc.

Maintenance of disc plow

a. Comprehensively check the appearance of the machine tool, repaint the paint, and oil the machete and spline shaft to prevent rust.

b. Check whether the transmission box, ten points and bearings are short of oil, and replenish immediately if necessary.

c. Check the tightening of the connecting bolts.

d. Check whether the wearing parts such as plug pins and cotter pins are damaged, and replace them if necessary.

e. Thoroughly remove the dirt and oil on the machine.

f. Completely replace lubricating oil and grease.

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