How to prolong the service life of the tractor?


How to prolong the service life of the tractor?

Prolonging the service life of the tractor can reduce the cost of farming and increase the benefits. Usually, we can strengthen the maintenance and maintenance from the following four aspects, prolong the service life of the tractor, and the effect is good.

Tighten the connecting parts of each part: Although the tractor has been inspected by the factory when it leaves the factory, it is inevitable that the machine will loosen during repeated transfers. For this reason, various connectors and fasteners should be tightened in time, especially the steering system, brake system, suspension and wheels.

Check the liquid level: mainly the oil level of the fuel tank, the water level of the water tank, the lubricating oil level of the transmission and the rear axle, and the liquid level of the battery electrolyte. When the liquid level is found to be insufficient, the liquid material should be added in time.

When checking the engine oil, the following items should be checked: a. The quantity of engine oil in the oil pan should not be less than the lower mark of the oil dipstick. b. The quality of engine oil: If the tractor leaves the factory in summer, but it is winter when it is bought back, it should be replaced with winter oil. c. The changeover switch of the oil filter on a large tractor should be turned to the summer or winter position according to the season or temperature. d. In order to prevent the oil in the oil pan of the oil-bath air filter from being spilled and contaminating the vehicle during the transfer process, some manufacturers add oil at the end of the factory, and pay attention to adding oil after buying it.

Running-in: The speed of the new machine changes from low to high, and the load increases from small to large. Through step-by-step operation, the processing traces on the friction surfaces of gears, shafts, etc. are polished to become more seamless. Running-in plays an important role in prolonging the service life of parts. Do not ignore the running-in process in order to save fuel and trouble, otherwise it will cause premature damage to the machine parts.

How to reduce tractor fuel consumption?

a. Maintain the air filter. Maintain the air filter frequently, do not wrap the air filter with cloth or other objects, and keep the air intake of the filter smooth to reduce air intake resistance force.

b. Do not change the direction of the exhaust pipe. Do not change the direction of the exhaust pipe at will, so as not to increase the exhaust resistance and increase the fuel consumption of the engine.

c. Regularly adjust the valve clearance. The valve clearance should be adjusted frequently. If the corresponding valve angle of the engine is reduced due to the wear of the gear and camshaft, the valve clearance should be appropriately reduced (no 0.2mm) to compensate for the decrease of the valve phase angle. The camshaft is severely worn and should be replaced in time.

d. Adjust the clearance of each transmission part. Correctly adjust the matching clearance of each transmission part of the locomotive to reduce the power consumption of the transmission part, thereby reducing fuel consumption and production costs.

e. Do not overload and run empty. Correctly choose the traction load, so as not to overload, not overspeed, and not run empty.

f. Maintain proper cooling water temperature. The engine should work at the best water temperature, because the water temperature is too high or too low will increase fuel consumption and increase production costs.

g. Use the brakes correctly. Use the brakes as little as possible when the tractor is driving. Improper braking will not only increase the wear of the parts, but also increase power consumption and fuel consumption.

h. Prevent fuel dripping. Carry out technical inspections of fuel consumption on the engine on a regular basis, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of fuel leakage.

i. Towing implements correctly. Correctly adjust the fit clearance and traction angle of the traction implement. The tractor should be not wide and small; the tire pressure should meet the standard.

j. Choose the gear reasonably. Select the gears correctly and reasonably. When working, you should choose medium and large throttles, so that the engine does not emit black smoke.

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