How to install the corn thresher?


Corn threshing is very important now, and it will soon be the corn harvest season. Now the society has reached the time when the wine is fragrant and the alleys are deep. Many good products need to strengthen external publicity and promotion. If not, it will be very difficult. It is difficult to survive, and online promotion is the best promotion method for small and medium-sized enterprises. No matter in terms of manpower or material resources, it is a quick way to save money, and good products need such promotion. The good things are buried in the market. The corn thresher produced by Huifeng Machinery is a new type of corn thresher. The equipment of our Huifeng Machinery, whether you buy it or use it at the end, has our guidance and help throughout the process. It is truly Let you rest assured, with a happy, come down from the installation of the equipment to the best attention to talk about the corn thresher.

How to install corn thresher?

1. Flatten the four feet of the device to ensure it is stable and firm. to reduce vibration.

2. If the motor is used as power, it is necessary to check whether the power cord is firmly connected, sealed tightly and installed with a ground wire.

3. Feed corn cobs continuously and evenly, and the feeding amount should be appropriate. If the feed is intermittent, it will affect the production efficiency. If the feed is too much, the machine will be stuck and overloaded, which will cause the motor to be burned and the equipment to be damaged.

4. The water content of the threshed corn cobs should not exceed 20%, if the water content is too high, the normal threshing effect cannot be achieved.

5. Before the end of the work, completely remove the input corn cobs and discharge them, and then stop the machine with no load. It is forbidden to stop the machine with load.

Several mistakes in using corn thresher:

Improper maintenance

After the corn thresher is used, it should be checked in time and properly kept for the next use. However, after some are used up, they are placed on the edge of the field, on the ground, or in the courtyard at random, and exposed to the wind, sun, and rain. Many parts are rusted, causing self-damage or difficulty in maintenance before the next use.


During autumn harvest, people are prone to fatigue. Especially at night, it is easy to sleep, coupled with poor lighting, distracts energy and leads to accidents. Others are feeding while taking care of the children, lack of concentration, and their hands are easily caught by the drum of the corn thresher.

the operation is not familiar

In some places, the previous practice of having experienced machine hands master the threshing machine threshing has been changed, and each household operates it. Even one household has a corn thresher, and everyone in the family and neighbors operates it. When encountering a situation, I don’t know how to deal with it, and accidents happen repeatedly.

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