There are several classification methods for balers. What is a straw baler?


As a kind of agricultural machinery, the baler has many types. For example, it can be divided into hydraulic balers and tractor-mounted balers according to the working method. According to the raw materials, it can be divided into corn straw balers, wheat straw balers, Straw baler, flax baler, etc., can be divided into square baler and round baler according to the shape of the finished product. Straw baler is a baler specially used to bale pasture and provide reserve feed for pastoral areas. It has the characteristics of high working efficiency, less picking loss and wide application range. Let's learn about the classification of balers with the editor today.

There are several classification methods for balers:

The baler refers to the machine used to bind grass. It is one of the agricultural machinery commonly used in modern agriculture. It has many types and can be divided into different types according to different classification methods. The classification of the baler mainly includes:

a. According to the working method: it can be divided into two types: hydraulic baler and tractor-mounted baler.

b. According to raw materials: it can be divided into corn straw baler, wheat straw baler, straw baler, flax baler, etc.

c. According to the shape of the finished product: it can be divided into two types: square bale baler and round bale baler.

d. According to the bundling materials: it can be divided into plastic strapping machines (mainly polypropylene straps, nylon straps, polyester straps) and steel strapping machines (using steel straps as strapping materials).

e. According to the joint method: it can be divided into two types: welding type baler and buckle type baler.

f. According to the structural characteristics:

Basic type strapping machine: suitable for various industries, mostly used for bundling medium and small packages, such as cartons, calcium-plastic boxes, books and periodicals, etc.

Side-mounted strapping machine: The joint part of the strapping is carried out on the side of the package, and the table is low, which is suitable for bundling large or polluting packages.

Pressurizing and binding machine: used for binding soft and elastic products such as leather, paper products, needle cotton fabrics and so on.

Opening and closing track strapping machine: Its belt track frame can be opened and closed in the horizontal or vertical direction, which is convenient for putting in various cylindrical or ring-shaped packages, and then the track is closed and bundled.

Horizontal track strapping machine: Its belt tracks are arranged horizontally, and the packages are bundled horizontally, which is suitable for horizontal bundling of pallet packages.

What is a straw baler?

The straw baler is an agricultural machine specially used for baling pasture. It is mainly used for the feed of ruminants such as cattle and sheep. It can be used as a reserve feed in pastoral areas.

The main features of the straw baler are:

a. Adopting the "positive traction" type, the equipment runs more smoothly, picks up cleaner, and greatly improves work efficiency.

b. The pick-up width can reach more than 1.9 meters and the low-flat spring is used to reduce the loss of missed pick-up of grass strips.

c. Reduce the lifting height when picking up hay, so that the hay is not messy, especially suitable for picking up and bundling alfalfa.

d. The whole machine has a symmetrical longitudinal axis, which has good stability during driving and is suitable for working on small and irregular ground.

e. High working efficiency, can pick up and bundle 5-7 acres per hour, and can be used together with combine harvester and straw briquetting machine.

f. Both dry grass and wet grass can be bundled into shapes, which saves transportation costs and increases the storage capacity of the site.

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