Common faults and troubleshooting of corn thresher


Corn thresher is mainly composed of drum, concave plate, sieve, fan, feeding hopper, grain slide plate, screw guide rod and so on. It adopts an axial-flow threshing device that feeds cobs at the end of the shaft tangentially. Its technological process: the ear of corn enters the drum through the feeding hopper, and is threshed under the impact of the high-speed rotating drum and the interaction of the ear of corn, the drum, and the concave plate. Most of the taken-off grains and fine impurities pass through the holes of the concave plate and are cleaned by the airflow of the fan. The light miscellaneous matter is blown out from the miscellaneous outlet, and the grains are slid out of the machine by the grain slide plate. The cob moves backward along the drum axis, and is discharged out of the machine through the outlet of the shaft end through the surface of the vibrating sieve. Part of the grains entrained in the cob leaks through the screen holes and enters the grain slide to slide out of the machine.

Common faults and troubleshooting of corn thresher

1. The feeding device returns to the ear of corn.

Reason: The instantaneous feeding volume is too large.

Exclusion method: Feed evenly and continuously in an appropriate amount.

2. Drum clogging.

Reason: The adjustment plate of the discharge outlet at the end of the drum is small.

Remedy: adjust the roller adjustment plate larger or increase the separation outlet at the same time.

3. The cleaning rate is not up to standard.

Reasons: The water content of the grain is too large, the adjustment plate of the drum is too large, the rotation speed of the drum is low, the nail teeth are seriously worn, and the feeding amount is uneven.

Remedy: Dry the corn, adjust the roller adjustment plate, increase the roller speed, replace the nail teeth, and feed evenly and continuously.

4. more entrainment.

Reason: The outlet of the drum is large, the rotating speed of the drum is high, and the outlet of the separation chamber is large.

Remedy: Adjust the roller end adjustment plate and the separation adjustment plate to make their outlets smaller; in addition, the speed can be reduced.

5. Uncleaning.

Reason: The distance between the screen surface and the adjustment plate of the suction port is too small, and the air volume is large.

Remedy: Properly open the upper cover of the suction duct, increase the distance between the suction port adjustment plate and the screen surface, and reduce the fan speed.

6. The granulator stops.

Reason: The V-belt is too loose, the large and small bevel gears are separated, and the blades and shafts are separated.

Remedy: Tighten or replace the V-belt to clear the blockage; adjust the bevel gear pitch, and re-weld the blades and shafts.

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