How can novice pilots avoid flight accidents?


Since the advent of drones, the dream of flying for thousands of years has been further realized. Experience unprecedented speed and passion in the ultimate flight of the first vision in safety and comfort without taking risks yourself.

However, speed often goes hand in hand with crisis.

In the process of high-speed flight, many small factors will cause drone flight accidents or even bombing. A qualified drone pilot must have safety awareness and keep in mind the essentials of safe flying in order to ensure Successful completion of the flight mission. So, if you are a novice drone pilot, how should you avoid flying accidents? In this issue, the editor of ManHope will briefly talk about this issue with you.

For novice pilots, the most common mistake is not doing a good pre-flight inspection. If this step is omitted, the chance of a flight accident will increase several times. Therefore, pre-flight inspection is very important to complete the flight mission.

The common mistakes of general novice pilots are as follows:

1. The battery is not installed correctly, resulting in poor contact, causing the drone to lose control and crash;

2. Cancel the novice mode when flying indoors, lack of familiarity with drone operation;

3. Flying in a narrow space without adjusting the drone to GPS mode increases the difficulty of flying;

4. Frequent pitch, roll and other direction adjustments during flight, resulting in unresponsiveness or loss of control;

5. Beginners have not yet formed conditioned reflexes, and cannot respond in time when facing an emergency;

If you are flying outdoors, you must observe the weather before flying. After all, whether the weather is good or not is also an important factor that directly affects the flight of drones.

The meteorological environment that affects the flight of drones includes: wind speed, rain and snow, heavy fog, temperature, humidity, air pressure, etc.

Weather that is not suitable for drone flying includes the following:

Rain, snow and hail weather, extreme temperature weather, cloudy weather, foggy weather, wet weather, windy weather

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