What are the advantages of pesticide spraying drones compared with traditional pesticide spraying?


With the development of science and technology, agriculture tends to be mechanized. Pesticide spraying drone technology has been widely used in agriculture. UAV spraying pesticide technology can improve the mechanization level of crop pest control in my country, implement unified control of professional services, improve the utilization rate of agricultural resources, and enhance suddenness. Regional pest control capabilities play an important role. Today, the editor of MANHOPE will take a look with you

Compared with the traditional manual spraying method, using a pesticide spraying drone to spray pesticides has the following advantages:

1. The efficiency of spraying pesticides is very high, which is dozens or even hundreds of times higher than that of human beings. The operation is safe and can effectively avoid pesticide poisoning incidents among spraying workers.

2. The effect of spraying is better. The spraying of pesticides on the rotor of the drone creates a large downward rotational force, which drives the pesticide droplets to penetrate the crops from top to bottom. It is conducive to the uniform dispersion of pesticide droplets in all parts of the plant, so as to achieve accurate drug spraying in place.

3. Spray more evenly. During the pesticide spraying process, the pesticide spraying UAV adopts new technologies of automatic obstacle avoidance and automatic cruise alarm. When the pesticide is used up, the drone will automatically return to the initial position. After the staff adds pesticides, according to the location of the return flight, the drone returns to the previous spraying area to continue spraying without causing repeated spraying. Sprinkle and endanger crops.

4. Reduce costs. Can save a lot of pesticide costs and labor costs. Pesticide spraying UAV spraying pesticides is generally rented and charged according to the size of the user's planting area, which is much lower than labor costs.

5. It is understood that many villages and towns will cause accidents every year due to improper manual spraying of pesticides, and the use of pesticide spraying drones can effectively avoid this situation. The spraying drone is operated by remote control. Spraying operators can avoid direct contact with pesticides, which is conducive to improving the safety of spraying operations.

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