High-quality shaft drive small manure spreader

Manure Spreader

A manure spreader is a piece of agricultural machinery used to spread fertilizer evenly over the soil in a field or other growing area. It usually consists of a container or storage box, spreading mechanism, transmission and control device.

The container or storage box of the manure spreader is used for loading and storing fertilizer, and the capacity can be adjusted according to the needs. The spreading mechanism is responsible for releasing the fertilizer from the container and spreading it evenly on the soil surface through a specific mechanical structure. The transmission device is usually composed of a motor, a transmission shaft and a transmission belt, and is used to drive the operation of the spreading mechanism. The control device allows the operator to control the working state of the spreader, such as adjusting the spreading speed, spreading width and other parameters.

Modern manure spreaders usually have precise control systems that allow precise fertilizer application according to the needs of the field. Some advanced spreaders can also perform intelligent fertilization based on soil analysis and plant needs to achieve the goal of precision agriculture. At the beginning of 2015, Suzhou MANHOPE made a leapfrog improvement to this fertilizer spreader according to the opinions of customers, so as to better adapt to various land conditions and meet the needs of different farmers. It can be used to spread organic fertilizer, animal manure, soil manure, distiller's grains, etc., and can also be popularized and applied to road administration departments for salt and snow removal.

Manure spreader

Picture:MH-606-23 Manure spreader

Fertilizer spreader and spreader are mainly suitable for spreading base fertilizer before plowing, sowing seeds after plowing, and spreading seed fertilizer on pastures and pastures. The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, wide application range, high operating efficiency and uniform spreading. This is a large fertilizer spreader which is very suitable for large farms, grasslands and pastures.

Fertilizer Spreader Features:

1. The loading capacity is large, and the special heightened hole design provides convenience for users to increase the loading capacity.

2. The humanized design of the outlet regulating valve can adjust the size of the fertilizer outlet according to the different fertilizer output requirements of the end users.

3. The design of the regulating valve controls the conveying speed of the chain. The larger the gear, the faster the conveying speed of the chain, the greater the fertilizer sending flow, and vice versa.

4. The reducer provides a guarantee for the more stable operation of the machine. On the basis of slowing down the fertilizer feeding speed, it can multi-functionally sprinkle powder fertilizer, granular fertilizer and other chemical fertilizers.

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