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Tractor is a common agricultural machinery in daily life. Today, the editor of MANHOPE will lead you to understand him together.

Tractors have two-wheel (walking tractors), four-wheel and other types. Divided into rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.Four-wheel tractors are commonly used for tillage, seeding, harvesting and other farm work. It has four wheels, usually rear-wheel drive, and the front wheels are used for steering. Four-wheel tractors are usually powered by an internal combustion engine and can run on gasoline, diesel or other fuels. Four-wheel tractor mainly includes engine, chassis and electrical equipment. The chassis includes transmission system, steering system, walking system, braking system and working device. Four-wheel tractors usually have a driver's seat for the operator to drive and control the machinery. The operator can use the steering wheel, pedals and joysticks to control the movement of the tractor and operate attached agricultural equipment. The size and power of four-wheel tractors can vary according to different needs and uses. Some smaller tractors are good for small field or garden jobs, while larger tractors are good for larger farm work.

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The working principle of the tractor: the driving of the tractor depends on the power of the internal combustion engine through the transmission system, so that the driving wheel obtains the driving torque, and the driving wheel that obtains the driving torque then gives the ground a small, backward horizontal force (tangential force) through the tire pattern and the tire surface , and the ground faces a horizontal force that is equal in size and opposite in direction to the driving force, and this reaction force is the driving force (also called the propulsion force) that pushes the tractor forward. When the driving force is sufficient to overcome the forward rolling resistance of the front and rear wheels and the traction resistance of the farm implements, the tractor will move forward. If the driving wheel is lifted off the ground, that is, the driving force Pk is equal to zero, the driving wheel can only idle on the spot, and the tractor cannot drive; if the sum of rolling resistance and traction resistance is greater than the driving force Pk, the tractor cannot drive either.

Factors affecting tractor driving:

1. Rolling resistance: The rolling resistance of the tractor is mainly caused by the deformation of the tire and the soil. Under the action of the weight of the tractor, the tire is flattened and the soil is compacted. During the rolling process of the wheel, the parts of the tire that are in contact with the ground along the circumference of the tire are successively flattened and deformed, and the front of the wheel is pressed down above the soil, so that the soil is pressed down, and the soil is deformed to form a rut, which is an obstacle The rolling resistance of the wheel to roll forward. There are many factors that affect rolling resistance, mainly related to factors such as the firmness of the ground and the magnitude of the vertical load of the wet degree.

2. Traction resistance: Traction resistance is the resistance to be overcome by the tractor to drive the agricultural implements to work. It is equal to the traction force that the tractor transmits to the agricultural implements through the connecting device. Since traction equals drive minus rolling resistance, increasing drive and reducing rolling resistance are effective measures to improve traction.

3. Driving force: It is the horizontal reaction force of the road to the driving wheels. Therefore, the magnitude of the driving torque that the internal combustion engine transmits to the driving wheels through the transmission system indicates that the driving force of the tractor is also greater. The maximum value of the driving force is limited not only by the internal combustion rate, but also by the soil adhesion, and cannot increase infinitely.

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