Walking tractor operating procedures

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Suzhou Minghao Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces walking tractors and supporting machinery, rotary tillers, ditchers, potato and peanut harvesters, corn harvesters, mini excavators, ground drills, chain saws, harvesters, fertilizer spreaders , electric sprayers, sprayers, plant protection drones and other agricultural machinery. Today, the editor will take everyone to learn about walking tractors!

Preparation before homework:

a. The engine part is inspected and prepared according to the general operating procedures.

b. Check all exposed connections and fasteners, and tighten them if necessary.

c. Check whether the tires are in good condition and whether the air pressure meets the specified requirements.

d. Check the integrity of each part, especially carefully check whether the steering wheel and brake are flexible and reliable.

e. Load the goods according to the specified tonnage, and do not overload. The bulky pumice goods must be placed stably and tied firmly. When loading super-long, super-wide and super-high objects, hang obvious signs and drive slowly according to the prescribed route.

f. There should be a wire rope insurance at the connection between the tractor and the carriage to prevent the carriage from suddenly decoupling and causing an accident.

Operation and driving requirements:

a. When driving on the highway, the driver should abide by the traffic rules, traffic order, and obey the traffic police command.

b. In the event of a traffic accident while driving on the highway, first rescue the wounded and protect the scene, and report the real situation of the accident to the relevant department, and follow the handling of the traffic supervision department.

c. It is strictly forbidden to mix goods, and when picking up and dropping off personnel to the construction site, personnel must sit in the carriage, and overloading is strictly prohibited.

d. After shipping harmful, toxic items or chemical agents, the water gun is required to be carefully and thoroughly rinsed. To prevent pollution and poisoning, before shipping grain, vegetables and other edible items, the carriage should also be washed carefully before shipment.

e. When the anti-bucket tractor is unloading on the construction site, check whether there are wires, obstacles or pedestrians above and beside the vehicle.

f. When unloading materials into potholes, an appropriate safe distance must be kept from the edge of the pit to prevent collapse and overturning.

g. The vehicle can only be started after it has been dropped into place. It is not allowed to drive while the vehicle remains in the dumped state. When repairing the dumped position, the vehicle should be supported by a pole.

h. It is strictly forbidden to unload material horizontally on the ramp to prevent the center of gravity from shifting after the car is jacked up and cause the car to roll over.

i. When the tractor is working at night, there should be sufficient lighting equipment and lamps in the working area and on the tractor.

j. When the tractor works below 0C in winter, negative diesel should be used. When heating with a blowtorch, the cover of the diesel tank must be opened, and it is not allowed to bake on the local oil road for a long time.

Requirements after parking:

a. After the work is finished, choose a flat and solid place to park in an orderly manner.

b. When the temperature is lower than 0C in winter, after the daily work, the hand mop without antifreeze must drain the cooling water, then start it for 1-2 minutes, and open the water tank cover when draining the water

c. Carry out routine insurance work according to regulations.

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