Features of multi-rotor drones


The multi-rotor UAV is composed of a flying platform, a ground remote control and a jetting mechanism. Spray operation is realized by ground remote control or navigation flight control. The flight platform mainly includes the power system, the power system is the core part of the UAV, and the motor is the main part. The power system mainly includes electric motors, electric adjustment, propellers and batteries. Batteries on drones are usually high-power terbium polymer batteries, which feature high energy density, light weight, and high current impedance. Today, the editor of MANHOPE will take you to understand the characteristics of multi-rotor drones.

Applications of multi-rotor drones:

a. Monitoring, assessment and early warning of agricultural pests and stresses (such as drought stress, heat stress, etc.).

b. Crop area and growth monitoring and agricultural condition monitoring.

c. Monitoring and assessment of agricultural disasters.

d. Ecological environment investigation and monitoring.

e. Water resource monitoring, planning and management.

f. Monitoring and assessment of soil erosion.

g.Geographic Information System.

h. Survey, monitoring and assessment of wildlife and their habitats.

i. Survey, monitoring and evaluation of wetland resources.

j. Natural reserve management, etc.

k. Planning and management of ecotourism.

The forward, backward, up and down of the single-rotor UAV mainly depends on adjusting the angle of the main propeller. Steering is achieved by adjusting the tail propeller. The probability of wind disturbance between the main and tail propellers is very low. In the flight of multi-rotor drones, forward, backward, lateral, turning, rising and falling mainly depend on adjusting the speed of the blades to achieve various actions. Its characteristic is that the rotation directions of two adjacent blades are opposite, so the wind field between them interferes with each other, which will cause certain wind field disturbance.

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