Disc Plow VS Moldboard Plow


The disc plow is suitable for paddy fields with many weeds, straw, damp soil and many rocks. During the walking process of the disc plow, the weeds and straw are turned to the bottom of the soil by the rotation of the plow blades. Because the plow blades are made of high-elastic manganese steel and boron steel, they are not easily damaged when encountering small stones. The soil knives are attached to the plow blades to prevent sticky soil from adhering to the surface of the plow blades and reduce working resistance. The Moldboard Plow is suitable for dry land farming in sandy soil with few weeds and few stones. It has a simple structure and a wide range of applications. According to different structures, it is also divided into one-way plow, flip plow, and bar plow. When choosing disc plows and Moldboard Plow, everyone should check the horsepower of their tractors and choose matching agricultural machinery.

Advantages and disadvantages of the disc plow: It can cut and tear the connected ground cover and the branches on the ground, and mix it into the mineral soil. The advantage is that the disc knife can roll over obstacles and reduce damage to the machine. It is suitable for use in forestry , the disadvantage is that the disc knife does not exceed 40 cm, and the plowing depth is relatively shallow. There are many models of disc plows, including drive disc plows and coaxial disc plows. On the one hand, the disc driving the disc plow is pulled forward by the tractor, and at the same time, the disc itself rotates, which is the combination of the two movements. Compared with other agricultural machinery, its superiority lies in its self-rotation, sliding, cutting and tearing of the soil, and generating a tangential reaction force of the soil against the disk, which is decomposed into forward thrust, leftward lateral force and upward force. The forward thrust offsets part of the soil resistance and improves the power utilization of the tractor.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Moldboard Plow: The Moldboard Plow is the most commonly used agricultural and forestry tool for farming. It can throw over the soil, break the soil clods, overturn the soil and bury the fertilizer in the ground. It has the advantages of improving soil aeration and soil fertility, and consumes less energy than Chisel plows or disc plows are much taller; in the past, tractors were used to hang large plows to plow the land, because the plows attached to them were relatively large, so the depth of the plowed land was deeper, and the soil dug out was some deep new soil. Before farming in rural areas, it is mostly necessary to apply a sufficient amount of farm organic fertilizer to the cultivated land. Because this kind of farm organic fertilizer is not crushed very finely, sometimes it is piece by piece. In the deep soil layer, after the grain is planted, on the one hand, it will not affect the seeds. On the other hand, these organic fertilizers are fermented underground, which can play a more sufficient nutritional role in the growth of crops. Besides, after years of deep plowing with a tractor attached to the cultivated land, the soil structure of the cultivated land has been improved, and the cultivated land will not be compacted, which is also very beneficial to the growth of crops. However, when a tractor is attached to a large plow to plow the land, there will often be some relatively large soil clods, especially in the land with good soil and high moisture.

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