Moldboard Plow


A plow is a farming implement consisting of a heavy blade at the end of a beam, usually attached to a set of livestock or a motor vehicle that draws it, and also human-powered, to break up clods of soil and Plow the furrows in preparation for planting.

When the common plow works, it mainly relies on the curved surface of the plow body composed of the plowshare and the plow wall. First, the plow share cuts out the soil furrow, and then the soil furrow is broken and turned along the plow wall to cover the weeds on the ground below. The plow body of the Moldboard Plow is composed of a plow share, a plow wall, a plow side plate, a plow holder, and a plow post. The vertical cutting blade (serving blade) completes the soil entry, cutting, crushing, and soil flipping, so that the surface soil layer and the bottom soil layer can be exchanged. The plow side plate is fixed on the plow stock with countersunk screws. The plow post is used to connect the plow body and frame together.

Ploughshare: Mainly used for entering and cutting soil, and guiding the cut soil to the plow wall.

Plowboard: The plowboard is a smooth complex curved surface designed according to certain rules, located at the rear upper part of the plow row, and plays the role of cutting soil, turning soil and crushing soil.

Plow side plate: also known as plow bed, installed on the side of the plow holder, it is used to support the plow body close to the furrow wall and balance the lateral force generated when the plow body is working, so that the plow works stably.

Coulter stock and plow post: The coulter stock is the connection between the ploughshare, the moldboard and the plowside. The curved surface part should be closely attached to the back of the plow share to enhance the rigidity and strength of the curved surface of the plow body. The plow column connects the plow body with the frame and drives it; Work.

The Moldboard Plow is suitable for cultivated dry fields in loamy and sandy soil areas. It has the advantages of simple structure, large cultivation range, good operation quality, flat surface and good crushed soil covering performance.

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