Different types of chassis for walking tractors


At present, with the popularization of large agricultural machinery, walking tractors have gradually withdrawn from the mainstream market, and only some users still exist in orchards, greenhouses, and mountainous areas. In addition, in Africa, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and other countries, walking tractors are still the mainstream.

A walking tractor is a small agricultural machine, usually consisting of an engine, chassis, wheels/tracks, etc. There are several types of chassis for walking tractors.

The first type of chassis is the 101 chassis, which is widely used in northern China with its hand-held support and 8-12 horsepower engine. Because of light weight and low JG, it is more popular with users. The interface size of accessories and implements is 11*17, which can be connected with various rotary tillers, returning machines, ditching machines, ridging machines, etc., and can also tow trailers, plows, and seeders. The engine can also drive water pumps, wood crushers, rice mills and other agricultural machinery. Very versatile. This chassis is also used to refit mini four-wheel tractors and ginger harvesters.

The second is the 121 chassis. The 121 chassis in the north is not much different from the 101 chassis, which is an enhanced version based on the 101 chassis. The 121 chassis in the South is not much different from the 151 chassis, but the cost performance is not high, so it is not used much. The 121 chassis can be equipped with a 12-horsepower engine. Since the horsepower segment covered by this chassis is relatively small, the actual use is relatively small. There are a few 15-horsepower engines with 121 chassis, but the actual use effect is not good, and it is very easy to break.

The third is the 151 chassis. The 151 chassis is more popular in southern China and Southeast Asia. Because of the unique structure and heavier design of the 151 chassis, it is more suitable for paddy field operations in the south. Machine interface size 14*14. It can be equipped with rotary tillers, ditchers, drillers, ridgers, field return machines, root crop harvesters, trailers, plowshares, seeders, etc. The supporting equipment of the 151 chassis handcart is also more suitable for operations in the south. For example, the supporting rotary tiller and ditching machine are both running at two speeds, with high strength and good XG operation. 151 chassis supporting engine power 15-20 horsepower. With paddy field wheels and side-transfer rotary tillers, it is suitable for paddy field operations in the south.

The fourth is the 181 chassis. The 181 chassis is an upgraded version of the 151 chassis, and it is equipped with an engine of more than 20 horsepower. The material used for this chassis is thicker than that of the 151, and the structure is not much different.

The fifth is the Type 61 chassis. This kind of chassis is also very high in rural China. This chassis has no gear output, only a traction mechanism, and can be equipped with a trailer, various plows, harrows, and seeders. Since it only has traction and transportation functions, this kind of chassis has a lower load than the above chassis, so the service life is longer.

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