Precautions for use of corn thresher


Corn thresher refers to a mechanical device for threshing corn ears. The corn thresher has the characteristics of high automation, strong safety, easy operation and low energy consumption.

The function of the corn thresher is to thresh the dried corn ears. Most of them are axial flow drum type, and there are also vertical threshing disc type.

The working principle of the corn thresher is to feed the ears of corn into the threshing drum through the feeding system, and the rotating motion of the threshing drum separates the corn kernels from the cob. Subsequently, a separation system helps separate the threshed kernels from the cob, and a cleaning system removes impurities. Finally, the threshed corn kernels and corn cobs are discharged from the discharge port respectively.

Corn thresher usually consists of the following main parts:

Feed System: The system used to feed the ears of corn into the thresher, usually consisting of a conveyor belt or conveyor.

Threshing system: mainly composed of threshing drum and threshing board. A threshing drum is a cylindrical device with sharp teeth or grooves that use a rotating motion to separate the kernels from the cob on the ear of corn. The threshing plate is located below the threshing drum to help separate the cob and foreign material.

Separation system: used to separate threshed corn kernels from corn cobs. This can be done by means of wind, vibration or screens.

Cleaning system: used to remove impurities and residues to ensure the quality of corn kernels after threshing.

Discharge system: The threshed corn kernels and corn cobs are discharged from the machine separately, usually using different discharge ports.

In the process of using the corn thresher, the following items should be paid attention to:

a. Since the working environment of the threshing machine is very harsh, it is necessary to provide safety operation education to the personnel participating in the operation in advance, so that they can understand the operating procedures and safety common sense, such as tight sleeves, wearing masks and protective glasses, etc.

b. Before use, you must carefully check whether the rotating parts are flexible and free from collisions, whether the adjustment mechanism is normal, and whether the safety facilities are complete and effective; to ensure that there are no sundries in the machine, each lubricating part must be filled with lubricating oil.

c. Clean up the work site before starting the machine, and do not put any sundries that have nothing to do with threshing; children should be prohibited from playing on the edge of the site to avoid accidents.

d. The corn cobs should be fed evenly during work, and stones, sticks and other hard objects should not be fed into the machine.

e. The joint of the transmission belt should be firm, and it is strictly forbidden to remove the belt or touch any object to the transmission part when the machine is running.

f. The transmission ratio between the supporting power and the threshing machine must meet the requirements, so as to avoid personal injury accidents caused by damage to parts or loosening of fasteners due to excessive speed of threshing machine and severe vibration.

g. It cannot be operated continuously for too long. Generally, it should be shut down for inspection, adjustment and lubrication after about 8 hours of work, so as to prevent wear, heat or deformation caused by severe friction.

h. When the thresher is powered by a diesel engine, a fire shield should be worn on the exhaust pipe to prevent fire.

i. If the thresher breaks down during operation, it should be shut down and then repaired and adjusted.

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