Obstacle avoidance system for plant protection UAV


Plant protection drones are an important issue because of the complexity and variability of the environment. Plant protection drones hope to continue to develop. In addition to battery life, functional improvements, and safety should not be underestimated.

Mainstream electric multi-rotor UAVs mainly have three types of obstacle avoidance systems, namely ultrasonic, TOF and relatively complex systems, which are composed of various ranging methods and visual image processing methods.

Ultrasonic: Ultrasonic is the simplest ranging system. Most ranging systems encountered in life use this technique. Add a directional ultrasonic transmitter and receiver to the plant protection drone and connect it to the flight control system.

However, the application of ultrasonic waves has obvious interference problems in the plant protection UAV obstacle avoidance system. The ability to reflect ultrasonic waves on the surface of objects is insufficient, which reduces the effective distance of the obstacle avoidance system and greatly increases the safety hazard. Generally, 5 meters is the effective distance of ultrasonic waves. If the material is not a flat solid object, such as carpet, the reflection and reception of ultrasonic waves will be problematic. So when we're working in the cornfield, there's a high and a low.

TOF: The most popular method is to turn off the light, then detect the reflected light, and then see if there are obstacles around the drone, distance, etc. The light emitted by the system must avoid the main energy band of sunlight to avoid the interference of direct sunlight and reflection on the obstacle avoidance system. In a fixed direction, the effective detection range of the UAV during operation can be increased to 810m. A response time of 1 second after detecting an obstacle, the drone can stop under a large acceleration, which is enough.

Composite, machine vision obstacle avoidance system: This system can identify obstacles in the front, rear, left, right and bottom through 5 directions, and the recognition mechanism is divided into two parts, the proportion of which is ultrasonic and machine vision. This composite obstacle avoidance system has higher technical content than the previous two modes. Of course, there are also some advantages in terms of efficiency.

At present, the conditions for the obstacle avoidance system to enter the UAV have been met, whether it is a civilian UAV product or a UAV product such as plant protection machinery, it can be satisfied.

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