What benefits can agricultural drones bring us


At present, the control of crop diseases and insect pests in my country mainly relies on agricultural instruments and manual work. Manual spraying of pesticides can be said to be the most unsafe and tiring work in field work. While farmers spray the most painful of artificial pesticides, the results are not entirely beneficial. The inefficiency of man-made pest control and the mechanical difficulty of accessing the land and spraying pesticides remind us of the many technical bottlenecks facing agriculture. In order to solve this problem, people began to pay attention to how agricultural drones work.

Picture: MH-G405S Plant Protection Drone

What are the benefits of agricultural drones?

1. Efficient and safe. The agricultural drone spraying device is 3-4 meters wide, and the working width is 4-8 meters. It can keep a minimum distance from crops at a fixed height of 1-2 meters. Its scale operation can reach 80-100 mu per hour. Its efficiency is at least 100 times higher than traditional spraying. The automatic flight of agricultural drones can greatly reduce the staff's direct contact with pesticides by controlling the navigation operation, thereby ensuring the staff's own safety.

2. Autonomous operation of flight control and navigation. The application of agricultural drone spraying technology is not limited by terrain and altitude. As long as the agricultural drone takes off from the ground at the flight height of the agricultural drone to operate the crops, the agricultural drone adopts the autonomous operation function of remote control operation and flight control navigation. Before the spraying operation, only the GPS information of the crops in the field is collected, and the route is planned and input on the ground. In the internal control system of the station, the ground station sends instructions to the aircraft, and the aircraft can carry the injection device to complete the injection operation independently, and automatically fly back to the take-off point after completion. At the same time, the aircraft spraying operation can also observe the progress of the spraying operation in real time through the display interface of the ground station.

3. High coverage density and good control effect. The Eagle Brothers agricultural UAV has a stable rotor wind field and a relatively low operating height. When the chemical liquid is sprayed from the sprayer, the downstream flow of the rotor is accelerated to form an aerosol flow, which directly increases the penetration of the drug droplets into the crops, reduces the degree of pesticide drift, and the amount of liquid deposition and liquid coverage are better than traditional coverage , so the control effect is better than the conventional control effect, and it can also be prevented. Stop pesticides from contaminating the soil.

4. Save water and medicine, and the cost is still low. The spray technology of agricultural drone spray technology can save at least 50% of pesticide usage, save 90% of water consumption, and greatly reduce resource costs. Not only that, the agricultural UAV has low fuel consumption and the unit is running, so the labor cost does not need to be high and it is easy to maintain.

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