How long does the drug effect last after spraying the drone?

With the continuous development of spraying drones, various spraying drone products are now appearing in our lives. The spraying drone is very efficient, saves time and effort, and greatly reduces our labor intensity. Moreover, it can also avoid the disadvantages of large water demand and the need for multiple people to operate. The aerosol used by the pesticide spraying drone is used as a carrier, so that the adhesion of the pesticide can be stronger, and the area on the left and right can be uniform, so that the efficacy of the pesticide can be improved to kill insects, and the sterilization efficiency is even higher. When the fruit trees germinate in spring, it has the effect of preventing insects from the smoke sprayed on the orchard, so that part of the loss can be reduced.
Picture: MH-G630S Spraying Drone

Spraying drones need to meet the requirements for the prevention and control of plant diseases, insects, and weeds under different types of agriculture, horticulture, forestry, etc., different ecologies, and different natural conditions. The spraying drone should be able to evenly distribute chemical pesticides in various dosage forms such as liquid, powder, and granules on the required parts of the application object. The spraying drone should have a high adhesion rate and less drift loss to the applied chemical pesticides. Save chemical pesticides and avoid waste.

Spraying drones also need to have higher production efficiency and better use economy and safety. Spraying drones need to meet these, so that they can better meet the requirements of agriculture, and can bring very good help to agriculture. The spraying drone is a new type of equipment. Its spraying pesticides have very strong penetration without any dead ends. This feature has been recognized by many people.

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