Types of Tillers


Tillers are powered by small diesel engines or gasoline engines, and have the characteristics of light weight, small size, and simple structure. Tillers are widely used in dry land, paddy fields, orchards, etc. in plains, mountains, and hills. Equipped with corresponding equipment, it can perform pumping, power generation, spraying, spraying and other operations. Micro tillage machine is a kind of soil rotary tiller specially developed for small fields such as hills and mountainous areas, and areas with more complex fields. It can help land plots that cannot be cultivated by large machines to complete agricultural planting. Different accessories installed on the tiller can be used for ditching, ridging, soil cultivation, spraying, sowing, rotary tillage, loose soil, intertillage, deep tillage, weeding, fertilization, pesticide spraying, spraying, harvesting, mulching, pumping and watering land, land reclamation, power generation, spraying, weed breaking, rhizome harvesting, resoiling, deep trenching, base fertilizer application, partial cultivation, vine burying, ridge support, field transportation, etc.

Tiller classification:

From the perspective of walking mode, there are mainly four types - standard type, wheelless type, crawler type, and paddy field type. In terms of transmission mode, there are three main types of micro tillage machines - gear drive type, belt drive type, and direct drive type. From the source of power, it can be divided into gasoline tillage and diesel tillage.

(1) Gear transmission model: The engine power is transmitted to the gearbox through gears. The gear transmission has a compact structure and high transmission precision, which is more suitable for farming in areas with high soil resistance and hardened fields.

(2) Belt drive type: The engine power is transmitted to the gearbox through the belt, and the power clutch is realized by tensioning the belt; Chain transmission is generally used between the output shaft and the transmission part.

Advantages of belt-driven micro tillage machine: ①Generally powered by a gasoline engine or a small water-cooled diesel engine, the whole machine is light in weight and easy to transport; ②The manufacturing cost is low; ③Because of the belt drive, the impact on the power mechanism can be reduced , has a certain protective effect on the engine; ④This model has great advantages in operations in greenhouses, loose dry land, deep water fields, small fields and other areas.

Disadvantages of belt-driven micro tillage machines: ①The belt continues to heat up and is easy to age and break; ②The maximum output speed of this type of machine is generally around 150 rpm-180 rpm. Due to the high output speed, the output torque becomes smaller. It is easy to exceed the maximum output torque of the engine during the process, so the phenomenon of engine flameout or rapid drop of engine output speed often occurs during operation, which will cause great damage to the engine. ③For hard and plank land, the effect of entering the soil is poor, and it is difficult to cultivate.

(3) Direct drive type: the engine and the gearbox are directly connected through a flange, and the power is directly transmitted to the gearbox through a wet friction clutch or a cone friction clutch. , secondary shaft, reverse gear shaft three shafts. Fast gear, slow gear and reverse gear can be realized by shifting the positions of the double-connected spur gears on the main shaft and the reverse shaft, and then the power is output after the two sets of straight bevel gears are reversed and decelerated.

Advantages of direct drive micro tillage machine: ① compact structure; ② the weight of the whole machine is moderate, generally around 100Kg, with good farming effect, high operating efficiency and wide application range; Big advantages; ④ fast gear, slow gear and reverse gear speed parameters are more reasonable.

Disadvantages of direct drive micro tillage machine: ①The gear is easily damaged; ②The manufacturing cost of the chassis is relatively high.

From the source of power, it can be divided into gasoline tillage and diesel tillage.

The diesel engine has a large power and is mainly used for land with hard soil. However, gasoline tillage machines are smaller, easier to carry and use, and more flexible

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