The scope of application of the mulching machine


The small mulching machine is a new type of agricultural tool matched with the walking tractor. It is suitable for mulching of crops such as potatoes, peanuts, yellow tobacco, cotton, potatoes, corn, watermelons, and medicinal materials. The whole machine has the characteristics of strong and durable, novel style, flexible operation, better adjustability, more functions and wide application range.

Spraying pump on vegetable covering machine: used for spraying medicine. Ridge supporter: used for forming large ridges, width and height can be adjusted. Membrane machine: used for laying mulch, with an adjustable width of 80-120 cm. The cultivation of the mulch machine is One of the simplest forms of protected cultivation. It has the advantages of tight cover film, no damage to the film, uniform pesticide spraying, good weed control effect, etc., and can work normally even in windy days. It is widely used in plains, hills, and large, medium and small plots. It is a relatively advanced laminating machine in China. The use of this machine not only reduces physical labor but also improves production efficiency, and is very popular among farmers.

Vegetable film covering machine structure: the structure of the machine includes a frame and a sprayer. The front end of the frame is provided with a mulch shaft, and the bottom of the frame is provided with a walking wheel. The front of the sprayer is provided with a pressure device and passes through The pressurized pipe is connected with it, and the mulch shaft is hinged with the front end of the vehicle frame through a bracket. The walking wheels include support wheels and steering wheels. An electric motor is arranged on the top, and the electric motor is respectively connected with the support wheel and the pressurizing device through the transmission belt. Compared with the existing technology, this machine has the characteristics of reasonable design, simple structure, convenient use, reduced manpower, and reduced labor intensity.

Mulching film effect:

Increase ground temperature: promote seed germination, plant rooting or root system growth; moisture preservation (moisture retention): reduce evaporation and save irrigation water; weed control: after weeds grow, it is difficult to survive for a long time under the cover of plastic film.

From this point of view, there are many benefits of the vegetable mulching machine. Let’s talk about these for now. In addition, use mulch when sowing in the open field in spring (increase ground temperature, conserve moisture, save irrigation, and weeding). Use mulch when sowing in the greenhouse (to reduce evaporation, reduce humidity in the greenhouse, weed control).

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