Technical advantages and operation precautions of automatic laminating machine


The current season is a good time for sowing vegetables, and the mulching machine is very good and hot. Everyone is using the mulching machine produced by MANHOPE machinery to work in the field. After mulching, they are planting, transplanting and other processes. Today, let’s talk about what our commonly used mulch is like, and the precautions in operation:

The conventional automatic laminating machine technology on the market adopts the method of laminating with glue, and the automatic laminating method of the automatic laminating machine is different. It uses high-pressure polyethylene as the main material of PE film. After the special treatment of the film, the PE film can be hot-melt loaded on the color printing paper, and after being processed by the automatic laminating machine.There will be no air bubbles when rubbed hard, and it can withstand high temperatures of about 20 degrees to 120 degrees. During the automatic lamination process without glue, a layer of auxiliary materials is placed between the heating roller and the PE film, and they are fully automatic Laminating machine, and then peel off the fully automatic laminating product from the auxiliary material.Due to the different materials used, the same PE film can be made into glossy, matte or other effects. First of all, high-pressure polyethylene is blown into PE film as the main material, because of its easy-to-obtain hot melt and plasticity.

The advantages of fully automatic lamination technology are obvious

First, he does not use glue, so the cost is reduced a lot, and it is obviously reduced, especially the cost of matte film and laser film is basically reduced by about 10%.

The second is that it is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. In the past, the harmful gases that were easy to volatilize were very harmful to the human body during use. Stir lightly, the film and paper will separate during the indentation of the self-adhesive, the film floats up, and the paper sinks, which is easy to recycle, so it is a product with a high level of greenness.

Third, since the glue layer is 0.002-0.003mm after the glue is fully automatic laminating and drying until the initial drying, the powder on the printing paper will appear that the film is not compacted, and the product will appear uncompacted. snowflake". But glue-free automatic lamination will not, because the film used in this technology is 0.017-0.02mm thick, and it becomes the glue of this thickness in the hot-melt state, so it can be easily made with less than half of the pressure. No "snowflakes", so no chalking required.

Operation precautions

a. When starting to lay the film, the machine should be placed on the ground and the side of the ridge, and the direction should be corrected, then the film should be stretched, the film laying machine should be lowered slowly, and the film edge should be pressed under the film pressing wheel, and the hydraulic handle should be placed in the floating position .

b. The traction film laying machine should start slowly to avoid breaking the film. The speed of the locomotive should be uniform, and generally can be controlled at 3-5 km/h.

c. Minimize the stopping of the unit in the middle of the operation, let alone backing up and turning sharp turns. If the machine operator finds quality problems, it should be dealt with in time.

d. When turning on the ground, the unit with the sprayer should turn off the sprayer first, and then turn after lifting the machine tool.

e. When working in windy days, the soil retaining board should be adjusted and fixed to prevent the soil from being blown onto the membrane surface by the wind. The membrane laying machine with the spraying device should try to cover it to prevent the drift of the medicine solution.

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