The pros and cons of agricultural plant protection drones


The application of drones in agriculture, focusing on plant protection, has been vigorously promoted by relevant national departments for several consecutive years. The market development has accelerated rapidly. Amid the continuous decline of the traditional agricultural machinery market, it has shown relatively vigorous growth. Analyzing with a dialectical perspective, the growth and development of anything has its two sides. While agricultural plant protection drones are growing rapidly, there are also many disadvantages and difficulties. To be precise, the application of drones for agricultural plant protection has both advantages and disadvantages. Where are the advantages? What about the disadvantages? How to avoid disadvantages while saving advantages?

Pros: Large market space, safe and efficient plant protection operations

1. From the perspective of development, my country's plant protection drones are still in their infancy, with huge market potential and space.

According to reports, the overall manufacturing of UAVs in my country, especially in electric rotor technology, is at the leading international level, while in the field of plant protection UAVs, my country is still in the initial stage of development. Professional data shows that the current proportion of agricultural UAVs in my country is not high. More than 3%, 90% of the manual plant protection machinery undertakes the plant protection task of 70% of the planting area, which has a very large room for improvement compared with developed countries

2. From the perspective of operation, drones are safe, efficient, and spray evenly, which is the first choice for large-scale operations.

People who are engaged in agriculture know that the manual operation of pesticide spraying will inevitably cause great harm to the human body. According to statistics, 100,000 people are poisoned by pesticides in my country every year, and the fatality rate is about 20%. This group of figures is shocking. Using drones Homework can effectively prevent tragedies from happening. Not only that, but the plant protection UAV has high operating efficiency. According to statistics, taking the electric plant protection UAV with a load of 16kg as an example, it can operate 300-500 acres per day, and the spraying efficiency is 30 times that of traditional manual labor. The operator locates through the ground remote control Controlling it, the downward airflow generated by its rotor helps to increase the penetration of the fog flow on the crops, and the control effect is good. Compared with manual operation, it can save 50% of the pesticide usage and 90% of the water consumption. , which can effectively reduce resource costs.

Picture:50 Liter Pesticide Spraying Drone

Disadvantages: serious homogeneity, multiple restrictions on precise operation

1. It is difficult to escape the vicious circle of homogenization, and the price war for some products has begun.

While the UAV market is developing rapidly, due to the low entry threshold, unclear industry standards, and easy imitation of manufacturing technology, the huge market demand has caused manufacturing companies to flock to it, and the criticism of product homogeneity is also accompanied by market expansion. Spread out.

2. there are many problems in precise operation, training and service.

Although plant protection drones have high operating efficiency, safety and reliability, they are affected by external factors in precision operations, such as terrain, obstacles, rain, wind, etc., which will restrict the normal operation of drones, and drone spraying The medicine is a single form from top to bottom, and the lower part of the crop leaves receives the medicine unevenly. The spraying target is suitable for tall stalks and densely planted crops, and the limitations are not small.

The above is about the pros and cons of the application of agricultural plant protection drones. We should eliminate the disadvantages and save the benefits. All parties need to work together to innovate core technologies, improve product diversity, select suitable areas, and not blindly promote them. Only in this way can we make better use of agricultural plant protection drones. , play a greater role.

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