Advantages of plant protection drones


With the development of science and technology, the level of mechanization has also appeared in agriculture. Plant protection drones have begun to be widely used in the field of agricultural plant protection. Plant protection drones are easy to operate, safe and reliable, and have high efficiency. They are favored by the majority of farmland contractors and farmers. Minghao agricultural plant protection UAV has been committed to innovation in the direction of precise spraying, high efficiency and intelligence, safety and durability, making agricultural production more intelligent. Relying on mature technology, the company has a number of product patents and technical reserves in the field of heavy-duty plant protection drones.

Today, ManHope will learn with you, what are the advantages of plant protection drones

Picture:50 Liter Pesticide Spraying Drone Sprayer For Agriculture

1. Intelligent spraying, easy to operate; the plant protection drone is composed of three parts: flight platform, navigation flight control, and spraying mechanism. The flight data of the drone can be viewed through the ground, and the remote control assists the status of the drone. Both the flight state and the spraying state can be controlled by the flight control system. The current flight control system implements completely autonomous operations and has relatively low requirements for operators. Operators can learn it within 5-10 days of training.

2. The spraying speed is fast and the work efficiency is high; now the flying speed of the plant protection drone is 4-10 meters, and the flight speed can also be adjusted on the ground of the drone. The working efficiency of a 20L plant protection drone is 170 mu per hour, it can spray 800-1200 mu of land a day, and the spraying efficiency is very high;

3. Aerial spraying is suitable for various terrain operations; plant protection drones spray liquids on plants in the air, and its flight height can be designed independently. The height of the drone can be reset during the flight, which is suitable for terrace spraying; the height control of the plant protection drone is also called absolute fixed height, which is used for spraying fruit trees or aquatic plants by the drone.

4. The back of the leaves can also be sprayed, and the control effect is good; the plant protection drone spraying uses the wind force field pressed down by the drone, and sprays the sprayed water mist on the plants, which can be sprayed on the plants, and the leaves of the plants Under the wind force field of the drone, it will turn over, so that the leaves and trunks can also be sprayed with pesticides, and the control effect is higher.

5. Save pesticides and reduce costs; UAV spraying uses atomized nozzles to spray, intelligently controls the spraying speed, sprays evenly, and the UAV also has a breakpoint function to avoid re-spraying and missing spraying of the UAV, which greatly Save the application of pesticides and reduce the cost of planting;

6. Avoid crushing plants and reduce losses; plant protection drones spray drugs in the air away from plants, without touching plants, and will not cause plant damage in general except that bombing will cause plant damage;

7. Long-distance spraying to avoid pesticide poisoning; the remote control radius of the plant protection drone is 1000 meters, we can control the drone from a long distance, and the quick shutdown of the drone nozzle can also be done on the remote control settings, so spraying pesticides can be carried out at a long distance.

The above are the 7 advantages of plant protection drones that ManHope and everyone have learned together. The emergence of agricultural plant protection drones has also accelerated the modernization of our agriculture and made great contributions to the overall progress of society.