Plant Protection Drone Purchase Raiders


The plant protection drone is a relatively common equipment in agriculture. It is mainly used for spraying crops. The quality of the plant protection drone is related to the spraying effect of pesticides. If it is used improperly, crops will be damaged. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to some problems in the process of choosing plant protection drones, so that plant protection drones can be used better for us. Let the editor take you to understand it together.

Picture:Agriculture Drone Sprayer 16L

Suzhou ManHope: MH-160S, load 16L

What issues should be paid attention to when choosing plant protection drones?

1. According to your crop conditions. Most of the agricultural plant protection machines now spray pesticides. You can see whether their functions, spraying methods, flight methods, spraying effects, etc. can meet your task requirements.

2. Detailed parameters. At this time, data such as endurance time, aircraft weight, overall energy consumption, operating software, and maintenance are considered. Generally, such manufacturers will have special customer service. For example, Yitianhang.

3. Local policies. Many places have subsidies for agricultural drones, which is also a point of choice.

4. Try to choose products that have already been put into the market. At present, ManHope agricultural plant protection drones have entered the market, and it is certain that their technology is excellent.

Common problems in the working process of plant protection drones.

One is the complex field environment. The surrounding environment of farmland is generally complex. During UAV plant protection operations, high-voltage lines, low-voltage lines, ponds, melon racks, field ridges, etc. are very common, and harsh operating environments such as grass, trees, and shrubs with a height of more than 1 meter are often encountered. It is learned that when Shanxi plant protection drones are working, they usually spray 1 to 2 meters above the crops.

Second, is the terrain problem. Once the UAV flies long-distance, you will find that the farmland is not horizontal, but divided into small pools. This is caused by the difference in altitude. The height of ~1.5 meters is difficult to control manually, and the effect of agricultural spraying requires a very precise height, so terrain-following flight is a very urgent function for agricultural plant protection, that is, according to the height of the ground and crops, drones Do automatic adjustment.

The above are some issues that need to be paid attention to when choosing a plant protection drone. Follow MANHOPE official website (// to learn about agricultural machinery together. If you want to know the price of agricultural plant protection drones, welcome to consult!